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The world’s largest professional networking platform, Linkedin has more than a staggering 706 million global users and is the go-to platform for professionals from all walks of life. In keeping up with the changing trends and our increasingly technocentric lifestyle, Linkedin recently introduced a new feature called Linkedin Stories. This is one of the most notable developments in social media this year.

So what are Linkedin Stories?
Linkedin Stories is Linkedin’s latest feature that enables users to showcase their day-to-day, professional moments in the form of images and short videos just like other social media platforms, with a 24-hour window. Initially made available only to users in Brazil, the Netherlands, UAE, Australia and France, ‘Linkedin Stories’ is now available to users in the United States and Canada as well, and is soon to be launched globally!

Linkedin Stories represent a unique opportunity for organizations to not only humanize their business but also connect with their customers on a personal level. Mentioned below are 5 tips on how to use Linkedin stories effectively -

  1. Educate Your Audience About Your Business -
    Linkedin stories come with a novel opportunity to connect and network with your audience on a personal level, on a purely B2B platform! To use this to the business’s advantage, interact and converse with your audience through stories about who you are, what you do, your business USP and how you can help them. The easiest way to do this is by sharing short video clips that explain your business, product or service. You can also host Q&A sessions to cater to the questions that your audience might have along with posing positive customer testimonials to earn credibility. This will help in establishing a personal connection, fostering online relationships and boosting brand visibility and recall value to a great extent.

  2. Share Behind-the-Scenes Snippets -
    You can further establish authenticity and encourage trust in your business by sharing a few behind-the-scenes snippets on your stories. These could be short clippings of your production and quality check processes or simply a picture of a brainstorming session or even a lunch break with the team. Sharing these informal moments with your connections will allow them to learn more about your industry, brand values, work culture and team spirit; ultimately helping you promote your business!

  3.  Inspire Your Online Community -
    Next, be sure to leverage the power of emotional storytelling to inspire your online community. The Linkedin community has always responded well and engaged actively with content that expresses real-world experiences. These could be stories about a unique perspective on some new industry updates, professional tips from eminent personalities, learnings from the global market or just an advanced step taken by your business! Initiating such conversations will not only encourage your audience to engage with you but also assist in establishing thought leadership, which helps to position your business as an expert in its domain.
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  4. Share Announcements and Updates -
    Another strategic way to make use of stories would be by communicating the latest releases, offers, developments and updates regarding your business. Additionally, you can also release some sneak peeks regarding your upcoming exclusive range of products, services or events. By doing so, you will help your audience stay updated easily and garner real-time feedback from them, making them feel like a part of the journey as the business grows.

  5. Give A Shoutout -
    Lastly, use Linkedin stories to give a shout-out to your employees, partner agencies and brand ambassadors, to promote a positive community spirit. You could appreciate your employees for their exemplary performance on a project, acknowledge the efforts of a partner agency for their seamless support or nurture your relationships with your brand ambassadors by thanking them for their trust in your business. This has the dual benefit of earning goodwill and brand loyalty from all your stakeholders.

In conclusion, by using Linkedin stories actively for your business, you can substantially increase your organic reach, stay ahead of your competition and multiply your business opportunities significantly.

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