The technological advances of the last decade have all but revolutionized our way of life. While this advent has definitely transformed our communication, it has facilitated a progressively simpler way of reaching out to more and more people around the world.

Since new social media updates are released almost daily with fresh features and different methods of expression, this has given a unique spin to social media marketing for small businesses. With change being a constant in the digital world, it is imperative to keep up with the latest updates and manage social media for small businesses accordingly. To be able to efficiently take advantage of the vast reach provided by these platforms and make headway in the field of social media for small businesses, we’ve compiled some of the latest updates from the social media world –

1. Linkedin Stories –
Stories have been one of the most notable developments in the social media arena. Since earlier this year, the world’s largest professional networking platform – Linkedin has been testing a new feature called ‘Linkedin Stories’, to enable users to showcase their day-to-day, professional moments in the form of images and short videos. This represents a unique opportunity for organizations to not only humanize their business but also build strong connections and foster meaningful relationships online. Initially made available only to users in Brazil, the Netherlands, UAE, Australia and France, ‘Linkedin Stories’ is now available to users in the United States and Canada as well, and is soon to be launched globally!

2. Instagram Reels –
Instagram Reels is a new content format launched by Facebook. Similar to Tiktok, ‘Reels’ were initially launched as 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, text, tools and other creative effects that can be added to the clips! However, Instagram has since extended the recording time limit to up to 30 seconds. Upon creation, users can share these videos on their stories, feed and even Instagram’s explore tab! Available to users from over 50 countries, Reels have created a new buzz in the social media marketing space. Being Instagram’s latest feature, they hold the potential to reach out to a wide global audience on the platform like no other content format at the moment – all organically and devoid of any cost! To learn about how small businesses can use Instagram Reels to upgrade their social media strategy, read this.

3. YouTube Shorts –
Much like Tiktok and Reels, YouTube has also recently launched an early-access beta version of ‘YouTube Shorts’ – a new video experience that allows users to create 15-second videos right from the YouTube mobile app itself! Currently available in India, these videos can be created using a range of editing tools that are offered by YouTube and further enhanced by adding music from YouTube’s expansive music library. These videos will be placed on the YouTube homepage (in the new ‘Shorts’ shelf) as well as across other sections of the app, to be easily discoverable by the other users.


4. Holiday Hub by Twitter –
The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, the opportunity for most businesses to maximize their sales. To facilitate this growth and sales, twitter recently launched the ‘Holiday Hub’ minisite. The hub includes a number of valuable resources like downloadable insights, detailed guides, useful tools and refined case studies to help marketers and entrepreneurs optimize their digital marketing efforts and in turn, their revenue streams. To learn about some of the top digital marketing tools for small businesses, read this.

5. Integration of Facebook Messenger with Instagram Direct –
Lastly, Facebook has announced that it will be introducing a cross-messaging functionality that will link Instagram Direct to Messenger in its upcoming update. What this essentially means is that the users who use the Messenger app will now be able to connect with users on Instagram, without downloading the app and vice versa. According to Facebook, this will help maintain a single, unified conversation thread between users and provide a seamless user experience. Currently being tested in only a select few countries, this update will soon launch globally, opening up new opportunities for all e-commerce businesses.

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