When it comes to digital marketing, content creation and social media marketing are equally important. The blogs that take hours to craft and mold to perfection are consumed in a matter of minutes! Furthermore, despite blogs being a perennial source of information and instruction, old blog posts are often considered ‘stale’ and obsolete. As a result, most marketers struggle to find new, creative and meaningful ways of engaging their target audience in an effort to encourage engagement.

Today, with social media growing at an exponential rate, social media marketing has become a vital tool for any business’s marketing framework. Having said that, it is not always necessary to create new content for a winning social media marketing strategy. An extremely useful technique, repurposing blog content into different social media posts has a plethora of benefits, like fostering integrated marketing communication across channels, reaching out to a larger target group and driving more traffic to the website. Moreover, it is as easy as it is rewarding!

Let’s have a look at how you can repurpose blog content into posts for your social media marketing plan –

Turn Impressive Quotes Into Graphics

One of the easiest ways to repurpose blog content into social media content is to pick quotes by industry experts mentioned in the blog post and promote those on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This can either be a text-only post or you can make it more appealing and engaging for the users by adding an image of the individual along with the quote. Alternatively, you can also share pull quotes from the blog in a similar format to entice the audience and mention the link to the full blog in the caption.

Graphical Representation of Data

Next, you can employ various forms of graphical representation (eg: pie charts, line graphs, histograms, etc) to remodel the research statistics and data incorporated in the blog content, to promote on social media. Such posts will educate users about the existing trends and the forecasts in your industry, thereby assisting in establishing your brand image as an industry leader!

Checklists and How-to Posts as Carousels

Another way to repurpose blog content is to convert how-to posts, checklists or key takeaways into a carousel format to be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. A captivating and powerful copy on the first slide of the carousel post is the key success factor for such posts, since it instantly draws the attention of the audience, compelling them to swipe left and engage with the post. This post format is widely known to boost engagement, build a community and improve brand recall value!

Short Informative Videos

Videos are one of the most powerful ways to connect and engage with your audience. Research suggests that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support! Not only do they increase brand awareness, engagement and website traffic to a great extent but also significantly influence the buyer’s journey and purchase decisions! Informational blog posts can be converted into short-form video posts and be promoted on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin as well.

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High Performing Posts to Infographics

Yet another popular content marketing technique is to convert high performing blog posts into infographics and promote them on relevant platforms. Infographics are highly engaging since consumers prefer visual content over just text and infographics help present technical and information-heavy blog posts in a lucid, appealing and enjoyable manner. As such, Pinterest and Linkedin are the best social media platforms for sharing infographics.

Conduct Q & As or Polls on Stories

Lastly, blog posts can also be repurposed to conduct value-packed Q & As or polls on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. It is a highly effective way to connect and interact with potential customers as they are more likely to respond to stories than commenting on a blog post. Moreover, this can help in gaining some exposure, positioning oneself as an industry leader, building a community and even driving qualified traffic to your website.

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