In order to improve results and achieve success for any business, having precise strategic objectives and planning activities is effectively essential. You must also monitor your performance from time to time by juxtaposing them with your budget and timeframes. There are multiple factors dictating your brand’s overall accomplishment, which is why paying attention to collaboration within your company, customer visibility, and the sales pipeline is imperative.

Achieving better outcomes requires the investment of time, money, and effort in marketing and sales. There are a variety of sales tools that you can integrate into your existing marketing strategy to boost your revenue. Discussed below are the 7 most powerful ones that you opt for:



In case you’re searching for an all-rounder solution that will assist you with your business & sales processes, HubSpot is the best choice. It provides a broad variety of marketing & sales tools to help improve your results inevitably. 

The free package comes with extraordinary functionality so that in case you have an independent company or small business, you may not have to get the premium version. There are sufficient tools for the different aspects of inbound marketing, along with email tools. One of the primary benefits of HubSpot is that it empowers you to gain ample knowledge about your decision-makers & potential clients.



There are tons of applications out there that provide video meeting functionality, but Zoom is most certainly the best tool that people interested in digital marketing & sales can use. With this application, you can have both audio and video meetings or essentially use it to share your desktop screen. Even the mobile version comes with the screen sharing option to ensure greater convenience from users. This application offers dynamic voice recognition, HD video quality, and the option to switch between fullscreen and gallery views.


LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn is perhaps the greatest social media channel for professionals, and it offers extraordinary sales opportunities to online marketers. LinkedIn Sales Solutions provides a number of advantages that are hard to overlook. One of the most famous sales tools from LinkedIn is the Sales Navigator. The goal behind creating it was to streamline the sales procedure for all. You can get tailored lead recommendations, get real-time updates about both clients & prospects, and connect with any LinkedIn user through InMail. It also features a dashboard that can be used to measure the social selling performance of a business.



This app is especially useful for those who are struggling to improve their conversion rates. One of the major benefits offered by ToutApp is that it lets you create a pipeline playbook so that your team has all the necessary info required to connect with your contacts at each stage of your sales funnel. You can also use it to enhance your pipeline through the integration of activities from other channels, including emails and phone calls. This app even lets you remain consistent by offering a range of features to track your sales campaigns – emails, phone, and social media. With the data insights offered by ToutApp, you can greatly enhance your decision-making procedure.



Considered to be one of the best sales tools for lead management, the InsideSales application comes packed with a wide range of tools for email tracking, sales communications, website, opportunity scoring, and of course, lead scoring. You can keep track of your website visits, clicks and email opens in real-time, and immediately make necessary adjustments if any.



Calendly allows you to schedule virtual as well as in-person meetings, interviews, demos, and sales calls. You can also adjust your availability preferences to let others know when you’re available to participate in a meeting. 



Loaded with an excellent prescriptive analytics tool and plenty of other useful features, Yesware provides actionable advice according to your most vital data. Everything is shown in real-time to allow for on-the-go adjustments for improving your marketing & sales strategies.

Working to enhance multiple processes should be the goal if you want to boost your business sales successfully. The above-mentioned sales tools can certainly help you improve your business processes as well as the customer’s journey through your sales funnel.


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