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Inbound marketing bears results, there's little doubt left to that. But now arises the question of how fast it can fetch results! Regardless of whether an organization is new to inbound marketing, giving it a shot, or has a strategy in place already, the question from everyone is the same - how soon will it generate leads?

83.9% of organizations utilizing inbound strategies see a critical expansion in leads within the initial 7 months of launch. As per HubSpot insights, when organizations start implementing inbound advertising techniques like making strategic & relevant content, utilizing landing pages with good CTAs, and regularly publishing blog posts, they start witnessing expansion in leads within a year. 

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Is Your Company New To Inbound Marketing? 

Organizations that are new to it usually have a website, yet don't understand anything about social media optimization, SEO or content marketing. These organizations have most likely attempted to outsource marketing operations, however are left baffled after not accomplishing the outcomes they had expected or a profit from their venture. 

While they realize the need for qualified leads, they may be reluctant to begin using inbound strategies just because they don't comprehend the mind-boggling advantage it offers to sales teams.

If this seems anything like your business, here are some tips to improve your lead generation campaign: 

  • Find experienced inbound marketing experts so that your time isn't wasted
  • Keyword research is a must
  • Research your competition
  • Create smart goals
  • Use data and statistics consistently
  • Optimize your website effectively for growth 

Have You Invested In Inbound Marketing Already? 

Organizations that are dunking their feet deep in the inbound marketing waters have an optimized website with strategically placed contact forms, blog regularly, and possess some SEO knowledge. Since these businesses typically put more emphasis on the BOFu (Bottom Of the Funnel) kinds of leads and potential clients, they struggle to attract buyers and frequently end up losing opportunities to convert. 

By having a functioning blog and website, these organizations have excellent growth potential. By implementing a strategy that tends to all phases of the purchaser's journey, you can accomplish results rapidly. In the meantime, you can venture into more effective and beneficial resources for your business. 

If you have gotten started with an inbound marketing campaign already, here are some inbound marketing tricks you can use to speed up your results: 

Is Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Not Fetching Enough ROI? 

Organizations that have an inbound campaign working already yet are not seeing its advantages generally have had multiple digital marketing agencies work for them. These businesses presumably saw results in the beginning, but those outcomes started disappearing as they relied on tools like Google Ads. Although they are familiar with social media and content optimization techniques, something seems to be amiss. Their principal issue is that their visitors through social media or the website are not changing over into successful leads. While these organizations use inbound marketing regularly, it is typically not steady or productive and yields a helpless ROI.

Nevertheless, they have the right wheels turning but just require some well-informed guidance regarding what to focus on and what changes to make. These minimal yet extremely strategic tune-ups can transform your whole marketing game. What these organizations are missing is the way to use their existing client base and prospects that haven't been looked into yet. Working with an accomplished marketing agency to tweak their inbound attempts can help achieve the right results. 

If your company is currently undertaking something like this, applying these tips will help you generate leads more quickly: 

  • Work with a professional agency having experience in lead generation
  • Discover new opportunities by reviewing, assessing and modifying your existing resources
  • In case you are utilizing HubSpot, use the suitable criteria to prepare a tailored view of the leads
  • Make sure that your sales team is ready with email templates, tools, resources, training and sales pitches so that they can sell faster & smarter
  • Use lead scoring for assigning leads that are receiving high engagement

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Inbound marketing is an unassailable strategy that can yield excellent outcomes for your business. But every strategy comes with challenges of its own, the only way of overcoming which is having the expertise of qualified professionals.

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