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The metaverse has been a hot topic for discussion ever since the beginning of 2021. Facebook took things to an entirely new level by rebranding itself to ‘Meta’. This further goes on to substantiate the importance of brands to capitalize quickly on the opportunities offered by the metaverse. In recent times, the technological progressions made across connectivity, hardware & software are helping develop more believable and highly immersive human interactions. But now the question is, what will digital marketing look like inside this interoperable virtual world? 

Obviously, plenty of marketers have already begun experimenting with a variety of techniques for introducing the metaverse in their digital marketing efforts. However, if your business is feeling confused about what to expect, here are certain things that you can bear in mind:


More people are investing in virtual accessories

With an increasing number of social applications & games supporting more design variation and creativity, people are buying virtual possessions that help reflect their values & character. As such, the best opportunity for brands is to make wearable accessories for social or in-game experiences. A great way to get started is by partnering with platforms like Roblox, League of Legends, or Fortnite. Creating augmented-reality, virtual-fashion lenses on Snapchat is another avenue that brands can explore.


Virtual venues and 3D worlds

Building 3D, fully immersive virtual venues, spaces, and worlds for hosting events is quickly rising as an immediate opportunity to enter the field of metaverse marketing. It is quite similar to having a great website presence. If creating a virtual world is too huge a move for your brand, then consider partnering with one that already exists for conducting events inside it. An excellent example is that of Coca-Cola and Roblox within Decentraland.


Virtual stores are backing up their physical counterparts

In response to the quick shutdown of physical business during the pandemic, many retailers created virtual replicas of their brick-and-mortar stores. Since customers couldn’t come to them physically, they brought the in-store experience to those customers. Ganni, a popular brand for fashion accessories, has used the metaverse concept to reimagine its digital marketing strategies for B2B buyers by introducing an immersive online store experience with a 360° lookbook featuring the fit, shape, style, and texture for every item.


The emergence of new extended reality and entertainment experiences

The fine line of distinction between physical and digital experiences is gradually thinning, giving rise to highly immersive as well as interactive virtual reality experiences. Amazon Prime recently took a step forward by launching the first-ever real-life live gaming experience in the world on Twitch on the occasion of Without Remorse’s movie premiere. The event took place in the form of a theater show, could be interacted with like a game, shot as a commercial, and telecast in the manner a sporting event is.



There is no exclusive secret road to the metaverse, rather a multitude of paths that can be experimented with. Not having the state-of-the-art technical resources at your disposal shouldn’t dampen your spirit. Instead, focus on determining what’s best for your brand in the immediate future.

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