Imagine being able to step inside a fully digital universe, creating your own world in there and merging your experiences of the physical world with it. That’s the metaverse for you. It can be a bit difficult for some of you to visualize that just yet, given the fact that the Internet itself is barely thirty years old, and it was only two decades that businesses started realizing the importance of a website for marketing. It wasn’t very long ago that social media started influencing our buying decisions.

According to the predictions of VR experts, 58.9 million people (17.7%) in the USA are going to use VR at least once every month this year, whereas 93.3 million (28.1%) will interact with AR. With the gradual convergence of edge cloud processing, artificial intelligence, and 5G mobile network, AR and VR experiences will make journeys into the metaverse seamless and affordable. Over time, this virtual world will become an important hub for brands too, because it only makes sense to market your products where most of your potential clients are hanging out.


Why is metaverse-focused marketing important?


What can marketers expect?

Due to the substantial increase in usage of technology after the pandemic, VR is quickly transforming into the next level of technological evolution. Brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Snap, Disney, Nike, and Gucci have begun developing virtual communities already. These communities not only feature content, but also fashion, assets, art, worlds, and experiences. They are the stepping stones to the futuristic ‘multiverse’ that will have its own currency, economy, environment, and behaviors.


Metaverse SEO

The manner in which marketers presently educate themselves about search engine optimization for popular platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, etc, a similar approach must be followed to become a part of the metaverse discussion. Using the key term ‘metaverse’ in your content can help attract the relevant audience via organic search results and social platforms.

  • AR Local SEO & Content Marketing – With the help of the latest AR/VR technologies of Google, local shops, restaurants & small businesses can offer a 3D experience of their local listing to users.
  • Importance of Visual Search – Rather than losing their significance to videos in an interactive virtual environment, images will continue to gain more prominence. As Google keeps improving its visual search capabilities for the metaverse, it will play a vital role in future brand marketing strategies.
  • Social Media in Metaverse – Popular social media platforms like Facebook & Snap have entered the metaverse race with VR platforms & devices such as Facebook Horizon and Spectacles by Snap Inc.


Tips for businesses to prepare for marketing in the metaverse

  • Conduct a VR event on Facebook Horizon or AltSpace VR.
  • Use news from Google Alerts to educate yourself about the metaverse and see how your business can become a part of the conversation.
  • Connect with influencers well-versed in VR advertising.
  • Follow analysts, reporters, and journalists who are sharing useful news & updates about the metaverse.



With the rising popularity of immersive technologies and augmented realities, the metaverse is inevitable. Being well-informed about its fundamentals can help your business migrate its marketing efforts easily into the virtual world.

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