Why Is Digital Marketing A Must For The Real Estate Sector in 2022?

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Just like any other industry, the real estate sector has started showing signs that digital marketing is an important aspect of its marketing game. According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of property investors look for properties online before doing anything else when planning to purchase one. In comparison to that, barely 16% of homebuyers contact a realtor or estate agent before searching online. The importance of digital marketing in the real estate sector has become now more evident than ever. If you are not making it a part of your real estate gig, your potential leads will fail to notice you sooner and instead browse online property marketplaces.

Simply relying on organic isn’t enough

In 2022, you will be making a big mistake if you continue relying just on organic traffic for discovering new prospects. This is because right now, online property marketplaces such as Trulia, Redfin, Zillow, etc. are dominating the search engine results pages (SERPs). It has become almost impossible for any real estate business to secure good ranks organically. 

Pay attention to PPC advertising

As the online real estate marketplaces continue to dictate the top ranks of organic search results, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to steer clear of them and allow your real estate firm to secure one of the top positions of the SERPs.

In addition to that, PPC advertising offers a plethora of other benefits to realtors, including:

  • Flexibility - You can easily activate & pause specific ads whenever required, for instance, when you’ve already sold off the property.
  • Targeted - Each ad can be customized to for targeting particular keywords to ensure that they appear in the search results of property buyers.

Making PPC ads a part of your real estate digital marketing campaign can put you in the limelight for a horde of potential homebuyers. Just make sure to consider the different ways that you can utilize them, like for generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and supporting other tactics for marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like are marvelous ways to connect with followers, prospects, and potential clients. You can share client reviews, new listings, and exciting events such as virtual tours & open houses. Content featuring crisp, eye-catching photographs of properties is popular amongst potential homebuyers because such posts help them get a sound idea about the available space.

Plenty of realtors have been leveraging social media for a long time now. Findings of the National Association of REALTORS from 2018 show that 77% of estate agents have business profiles on different social media platforms. Also, thanks to real estate social media marketing companies, 44% of estate agents gained a new customer in 2020, as per the data collected by the Close 2021 Agent Survey.

Video marketing

Video marketing provides a wonderful opportunity for real estate agents to gain a competitive edge over online property marketplaces. Virtual video tours of properties quickly rose in popularity after the pandemic as visiting properties in person became difficult for buyers. According to the Consumer Housing Trends Report 2020 by Zillow, 51% of potential renters prefer video walkthroughs, and 47% find pre-recorded virtual tours more engaging.

Video has been an essential part of digital marketing campaigns for many years now. Wyzowl stated that 86% of marketers witnessed an increase in website traffic after using videos.

To make the best use of video tours, place them tactfully behind contact forms rather than publicly sharing them on your website. That way, customers will have to fill-up the form to watch the video and you can use that info to follow up with them later.


Thus, as we’ve read in the discussion above, digital marketing for the real estate sector can be used in many ways to quicken and improve your lead generation process. If you’re planning to take your real estate business online or revamp your existing digital presence for greater engagement, reach to our marketing experts at Parkyd Digital for a consultation today!

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