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Valentine's Day, one of the most anticipated occasions of the year, is almost knocking at our doors. As you might know, lots of businesses regularly hunt for ways to make the most out of their marketing efforts on holidays like this. And all things considered, the day committed to the celebration of love is the 4th biggest spending holiday. If you're involved in the kind of business that sells Valentine's day special products such as flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards, adding certain relevant Valentine’s Day keywords and tactics in your online marketing strategy can be beneficial. According to statistics collected by the team of Bing Ads Insight, 40% of searches related to Valentine’s Day have the word ‘gift’ mentioned in them.


Knowing which keywords searchers are using will assist you to create the right kind of content for your marketing campaign. Let’s have a quick look at the most commonly used Valentine’s Day keywords found in search results:

  • love
  • date night
  • chocolate
  • roses
  • romance
  • flowers
  • gift ideas
  • singles


Keywords focusing on a male interest like husband, boyfriend, or guy also appear to be more common in searches compared to their female counterparts. Data from Google Trends supported this finding with up to a 4x greater probability for a purchaser to be searching for male-related gift products. It should also be noted that terms related to Valentine's Day accounted for a strong 25 percent, in a list of 100 popular keywords used on Valentine’s Day, compiled by the Conductor.

In the event that you're hoping to expand your reach more, have a go at highlighting your top-selling products in your content through suitable keywords. Focusing on words and expressions commonly searched on Google can help you attract better-quality prospects.

For instance, a company delivering flowers could connect with individuals searching for Valentine's Day gifts by focusing on keywords or phrases such as ‘flower delivery’, ‘gifts for her’, ‘what to buy for my Valentine’, etc.

Though it’s vital to highlight popular topics in your content marketing efforts, you must prioritize creating content relevant to the target audience. 

Knowing the keywords that are in demand will aid you in creating relevant content. By incorporating popular keywords, your blogs, articles, and social posts will have a higher chance of being discovered.There are also some less conventional subjects that can align better with your brand, such as fashion, beauty, music, gaming, art and culture, sports, wine, food, small enterprises, and baking.



Popular hashtags that you can include in your social media marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day 2023, according to Best Hashtags are:

  • #BeMine
  • #ValentinesDay2023
  • #WhoNeedsAValentine
  • #WillYouBeMyValentine
  • #ValentinesDayGiveaway
  • #BeMyValentine
  • #CandyHearts
  • #HugsAndKisses
  • #SecretAdmirer
  • #SinglesDay
  • #Sweetheart
  • #ThatsLove
  • #Valentines
  • #valentine
  • #love
  • #valentinesday
  • #gift
  • #valentineday
  • #gifts
  • #gift
  • #handmade

Check Twitter's trends section to discover new popular hashtags.

Using hashtags can help you stay connected with current events and make it easier for people to find you online. For example, for Valentine's Day, you can use the hashtag #ValentinesDay. Other hashtags like #GalentinesDay may also become popular.

Key highlights

Given below are some intriguing facts that can further assist you to increase your visibility before Valentine’s Day:

  • 26% of purchasers will explore various stores to compare the costs of different products.
  • The first couple of weeks in February are the most important for any marketer to focus on, especially if they are planning to leverage Valentine’s Day for increasing sales.
  • Nearly 33% of all searches related to the day of love will be conducted via smartphones.
  • Top gift searches would be for flowers, cards, chocolates, and jewelry.


Thus, if you are planning to elevate your branding efforts for the occasion of Valentine’s Day, make sure to include the above-mentioned keyword ideas in your campaign. Need professional expertise for your campaign? Parkyd Digital can help.

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