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Valentine’s Day 2023 is just around the corner, and within a few days, the week of love would be upon us. The day dedicated to the celebration of love is also the 1st major shopping occasion of the year. As such, it’s high time for direct-to-consumer brands to start planning their Valentine’s Day marketing efforts. 

Last year, according to a survey published by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, 52% of US adults were expected to spend nearly $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day. One thing is quite obvious - love is a universal feeling and people wish to celebrate it. Hence, brands must leverage this opportunity and get creative with their marketing to generate more sales.

Discussed below are some brilliant Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for 2023 [Updated] that you can start implementing:


Leverage social media for promotion

Utilize social media to effectively target your audience for Valentine's Day promotions. Share visually appealing videos, photos, and graphics on all platforms to showcase your brand's fun and romantic personality. Engage your followers by creating user-generated content on TikTok and Instagram, featuring product mockups or photos. Conduct polls on Instagram for followers to vote on their favorite products and include direct links to product pages for easy purchasing.

Advertise through email marketing

Email campaigns are an effective and cost-efficient way for marketers to tap into the love-filled holiday spirit and reach out to their audience for Valentine's Day. With an ROI of 4400%, sending emails to loyal and new customers is a smart move. There are several types of email campaigns that can be used, including promotional emails that highlight Valentine's Day deals and offers, welcome emails for new customers that build excitement for the holiday, and abandoned cart emails that entice customers who left items in their shopping cart with special offers.

Reward regular clients for their loyalty

Another fantastic marketing strategy for Valentine's Day is to express gratitude to your devoted customers who choose you as their preferred vendor for seasonal and customized gifts. Offer a personalized gift catalog, discounts, or a Valentine's Day card with a special promo code to show appreciation for their loyalty. Satisfied customers are likely to recommend your business to others, increasing your exposure and customer base. They will also continue to return for more discounts and products.

Take advantage of V-Day hashtags

By incorporating hashtags in your Valentine's Day marketing strategies on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., you can boost the visibility of your business and target potential customers effortlessly. The use of relevant hashtags will ensure that your content reaches the right audience, resulting in an increase in likes, clicks, and shares on your Valentine's Day posts.

Segment your potential customers

When setting up a marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, segmentation is the very first thing that you must do. Doing so will help you promote the right items to the right interest groups. Try separating the products into different categories based on gender or type of buyer. During the first week, test those categories to see which ones are more popular with the target audience in terms of views & clicks received. You can also highlight the different segments using suitable images to improve the ease of navigation for visitors.


Plan a contest

A contest is an excellent marketing strategy for turning casual followers on social media into loyal customers. Not only will it help create more buzz around your brand before Valentine’s Day, but also engage your existing followers effectively.

For instance, Ferrero Rocher organized a hashtag contest on Instagram called #FerreroValentineSweeps, where participants could win up to 400$ by sharing a picture of their Valentine. Another really interesting initiative is the one by the Youth Council of Cádiz. Participants are presented with a writing challenge, and prizes for the winner include a romantic couple’s dinner.


Offer informative and beneficial content

Providing useful content is a great way to build credibility with your target audience. It attracts prospects towards your brand and encourages them to learn about what you offer. Gift guides can be brilliant resources to share with your followers on Valentine’s Day. They help potential customers decide what to purchase and give you the chance to advertise the not-so-popular products in your inventory.


Make sure your deliveries are on time

Time is a vital factor for anyone who is planning to purchase a gift item. If that day happens to be Valentine’s day, any delay in the delivery of gift items can ruin the mood for all parties involved. Delayed and paid shipping can drive away your prospects to businesses offering free delivery. Therefore, leave no stone unturned for ensuring that all deliveries are completed punctually. Also, provide free shipping to clients on the day of love to show them that you care.


Delight customers with promotions

Themed promotions are yet another great way for engaging customers to boost conversions and ROI on holidays like Valentine’s Day. This is particularly a great idea if you’re creating Valentine’s day marketing plan at the last moment. A simple promotion can go a long way in driving more prospects to your business.


Think about mobile users

In 2021, eCommerce sales conducted via mobile amounted to nearly $3.56 trillion. Therefore, it only makes sense to optimize your website & online content for mobile users, to prep for Valentine’s Day. It would also help you stand out to buyers and ensure a convenient buying and shopping experience for them.


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