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In the event that you're using social media to showcase your business and draw in more clients, you ought to audit your social networking accounts consistently. Specifically, it is advised that you have a social media audit conducted after every 3 months. Discussed below are the basic steps involved in the same, let’s have a quick look:


  • Recognizing what works ideally

When doing this, investigate your KPIs and the social metrics that contribute towards them. For instance, in case you want to enhance user engagement throughout your marketing channels, then you'll need to observe which posts and on what stages your business is getting the most reactions, shares, and comments. This profound analysis gives you a legit insight into the endeavors that are bearing results and what strategies may require some tweaking. 

  • Checking out the social activity of your competitors

Everyone likes healthy competition, and this isn't intended to blatantly copy what your business rivals are doing. Rather, it is for acquiring a detailed perspective on the popular trends in your industry. In case there's a trend popular in your industry right now, you should join the bandwagon and leverage it in a unique manner so as to make your brand stand out from the competition. 

  • Seeing which of your accounts need a revamp

Descriptions, operation hours, and images of your business can change from time to time, and recognizing which profiles have obsolete content will let you know where to make alterations. Inspecting the content across all your channels will likewise help you maintain consistent branding all throughout. For instance, having your business' logo as the profile picture along with a similar brand message in the "About" segment will help you gain more amplification and credibility from the target audience. 

  • Finding new opportunities to grow

Social media can change without a moment's notice, so there may be new highlights that have been released that you can use in your endeavors. It's useful to be aware of what's happening, particularly on social media, so finding new things for your business to experiment with on different channels can help enhance your social presence.


Best social media audit tools

Now that you have formed a sound idea of how to conduct an audit of your social presence effectively in 2022, here are the best social media audit tools that you can use to make the process simpler:


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is primarily an all-rounder social media management tool for popular social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. It has a variety of social media analysis tools as well as a module for social listening.



Buzzsumo allows you to monitor trends, compare topics, recognize referral traffic and determine the best times for posting your content.



With Agorapulse, you can keep your social presence organized and save a lot of time using its publishing, reporting, inbox, team collaboration, and monitoring tools.



Hootsuite provides you with detailed analysis reports and a plethora of social management tools for your entire team. It also assesses your channel performance to offer valuable demographic information that can be used to optimize your existing social media strategy.


Brand Mentions

Using Brand Mentions, you can make detailed audit reports with the measured sentiment, compare data, and track mentions.

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