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As we approach 2023, it's important for restaurant businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO. With more and more customers turning to search engines to find their next dining destination, it's crucial for restaurants to have a strong online presence. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top SEO keyword ideas for restaurant businesses in 2023.

Before a trip to any restaurant, food joint, cafe, pub, or eatery, most people these days like to look up the place online. As such, it has now become more important than ever for food service businesses to have a good local SEO strategy in place. A well-planned search optimization campaign can enable your spot to be found easily and quickly across multiple channels online. To set up an effective campaign for amplifying search visibility, you must create content based on the top-performing keywords for restaurants.

A long time back, we share with you a detailed guide on how to get started with keyword research if you’re a beginner.  

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top SEO keywords ideas that restaurants can leverage to get more leads and sales in 2023:

Mention your location

Add your area to the keywords of your SEO campaign, for increasing your chances of appearing in local searches. In case your service area has a notable place of interest, such as a landmark or tourist spot, you can include their names as key phrases too. Being explicit with regards to your area lays out which regions you need to target. It can likewise help avoid searchers who aren't probably going to contact or purchase from you. You also need to ensure that your keywords incorporate every one of the spots that you serve so that people at these locations can find you easily.

Pay attention to local SEO

One of the most important things for any restaurant business is to optimize for local SEO. This includes keywords such as "restaurant near me," "best restaurants in [city]," and "local restaurants." By targeting these keywords, you'll be able to attract customers who are searching for restaurants in your area.

Use terms specific to the food you serve

Besides specifying your service area and physical location, it's additionally vital to utilize nice-specific phrases in keywords for restaurants. Think about zeroing in on a specific dish or descriptive word that portrays your restaurant ideally. For example, you can add expressions such as ‘family-owned’, ‘freshly baked’, or ‘custom made’. You can likewise utilize ‘organic’ or ‘vegan’. Such keywords might have a low search volume, however, they are more likely to attract people who are interested in your restaurant.

Opt for keywords related to reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are becoming increasingly important for SEO. By using keywords such as "best restaurant reviews," "top-rated restaurants," and "customer testimonials," you'll be able to attract customers who are looking for restaurants with good reviews.

Include quality modifiers

Quality modifiers such as ‘top’ or ‘best’ can make your restaurant appear more credible to potential customers. It makes individuals believe that you're probably the best eatery nearby. Many people utilize these terms in their Google searches to get the most ideal results and assurance that they come across a marvelous place to eat.

Don’t forget about occasion modifiers

You can also leverage occasion modifiers to attract quality leads for your restaurant. For instance, if your eatery provides catering services, you can incorporate expressions such as ‘birthday celebrations’, ‘weddings’, ‘baby shower’, ‘Christmas’, or ‘New Year’. It will enable individuals who are searching for catering solutions for those events to track you down.

Add special offering modifiers in your keywords

Special offering modifiers can contribute greatly towards lead generation efforts when used along with keywords for restaurants. You can utilize phrases like ‘holiday exclusive’, ‘affordable combos’, ‘free delivery’, ‘all-in-one’, and so on. Doing so will let customers learn more about your rebates and discounts.

Make use of your brand name

Adding your eatery's name to your list of keywords is probably the most ideal way to survive and thrive against competitors. Consolidate the name of your business into your key phrases and other on-page SEO components. When your restaurant’s name starts to appear throughout several platforms multiple times for searches, it would help fetch more qualified leads for your restaurant.

Include food delivery and takeout-related keywords

With the rise of food delivery and takeout, it's important for restaurants to optimize for these keywords. Keywords such as "food delivery," "restaurant delivery," and "takeout menu" will help you attract customers who are looking for restaurants that offer delivery and takeout options.

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