Being aware of how much your store is earning is a vital piece of developing your business. By perceiving how much income you’re producing, you can establish better spending plans for your sales & marketing strategies. That is the reason why it’s essential to put your resources into the right eCommerce ROI tools for tracking and boosting your sales. That way, you get more precise information readily available about your eCommerce earnings.


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Here are the top 7 eCommerce ROI tools that you can use for success in 2022:



Kissmetrics is an extensive analytics tool that assists you with cutting-edge website reports. It empowers you with answers to queries such as how many times a visitor has browsed your website or product pages. If your approach is more focused on remarketing and the identification of channels that produce the most ROI, you ought to include this tool in your existing strategy.


Adobe Marketing Cloud

Known currently as Adobe Experience Cloud, it is another one of the amazing tools utilized by eCommerce users for seamless analysis of website metrics & performance Though you might need pre-knowledge of using such an application before studying its reports, it is a wonderful platform capable of offering in-depth data about different elements. In fact, according to Forrester, Adobe Marketing Cloud is a pioneering customer analytics tool.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have ROI measurement tool for any eCommerce business owner. It’s free, simple to utilize, and with a free Google demo account, you can become familiar with the tool before integrating it into your website. It also features a search console tool apparatus, offers customized reports & graphs, information on customer personas, customer lifetime value, and more.



An open-source eCommerce tool, known previously as Pickwick, Matomo can be installed on your main server directly rather than requiring remote hosting. It enables eCommerce owners to take authority of their websites, generate automated reports for average order value, identify reasons for cart abandonment, and more. You also get in-depth reports curated according to marketing channels & geolocation and simple integrations for enhanced UX.



Hotjar is one ROI tracking tool that is incredibly important for modern-day online stores and helps in enhancing the conversion and click-through rates of websites. With Hotjar, you can see recordings of website visitors in real-time along with heatmaps. Plus, you can view how many have clicked on your CTAs, determine which content has the highest engagement, and recognize areas that need improvement.



For any eCommerce business, emails are vital for offering relevant data to customers and nurturing lists. Klaviyo is one of the best eCommerce ROI tools for assessing email data. It comprehends the conjunction of eCommerce and email advertising, which is the reason why it provides several automation tools & reports for investigating email insights and making well-informed decisions accordingly.



There’s one thing that each eCommerce business owner wants – for clients to go through with transactions rather than bouncing. Woopra is an ROI tool that provides advanced analytics for your eCommerce website and targets carts that are abandoned. It allows you to identify the effect of delivery & payment methods on abandoned carts, improve the checkout procedure, and reduce the cart abandonment rate.


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