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When businesses choose to outsource content marketing, one of the obstacles they frequently face is compromised quality. 

Today, innumerable content mills produce extremely substandard content at unbelievable rates. But with the appropriate outsourcing strategy, you can obtain excellent copy that is customized to your brand, taste, and target demographic. It takes more than luck to generate consistently engaging material and to locate the perfect writer if you want to gain your money's worth. If you outsource, you can obtain high-quality content by laying out your goals and setting realistic expectations. 

Read on to learn more about how to outsource content writing without giving up on content quality.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Content Marketing in 2023?

You have more creative control when you create the content yourself or hire an in-house copywriter; however, outsourcing has the following advantages:

1. Saving Time

More time will be available for other important business tasks when you outsource article writing.

2. Consistent Publishing Schedules

Maintaining your audience's interest and building your digital profile need a consistent publishing schedule.

3. Affordability

Compared to an in-house creative team or a typical agency, outsourcing is more inexpensive and adaptable.

4. Skilled Workforce

You have access to an extensive talent pool with diverse experiences.

5. Professional Experts

You may collaborate with experts who focus on particular content formats, such as social media posts or whitepapers.

You must think of outsourcing writers as an investment and put quality at the top of the agenda when selecting a content marketing provider if you want to reap these advantages.

How to Outsource Content Writing for Businesses without Compromising on Quality?

Many businesses use outsourcing as a time-saving strategy. It's essential to adopt a hands-on attitude initially, even if you can gradually depend on content-writing outsourcing companies to generate high-quality articles with minimal engagement from your side. 

The actions listed below will assist you in communicating performance-related directions and giving writers instructions that they may utilize to adhere to your quality requirements.

1. Determine Content Requirements and Goals for the Business

Understanding your priorities and goals before outsourcing the development of any written material enables you to communicate effectively with the writer and set clear expectations for the final output. 

Determine your present requirements, such as how frequently you want to publish content, the credentials of the writer, and the platforms on which the content needs to be published.

2. Specify the Intended Impact of the Content to Define the Goals

You could concentrate on bringing in new leads, re-engaging current clients, or raising brand recognition. 

Consider how your narrative and tone may reflect your ideals and establish you as a thought leader in your field.

3. Establish a Budget

How much money do you have to invest in outsourcing writers? What is the ROI you anticipate? By deciding on an ideal price bracket per article or a monthly lump sum for a certain amount of work, you could allocate funds for outsourced content. If you suspect that the final content may be varied in length, you can also discuss how much you're ready to pay per word.

4. Study Your Demographic and Latest Trends

You could gain important insights into what topics and content formats your market prefers by crunching data from popular search engines and web analytics. 

When outsourcing content, keep current content development best practices in mind. For instance, marketers now place a higher priority on user-focused content that seems more customized for each step of the purchasing process. Due to
Google's Featured Snippets, several businesses are also experimenting with Q&A formats to improve the likelihood of having their content rank better on search engine result pages.

5. Pick a Reputable Content Creation Service

Ensure that your content outsourcing service complements your brand. When you explore and evaluate your choices, pay attention to the following areas:

  • Select the services that regularly produce high-quality articles by consulting reviews and references.

  • Learn about the writers, the procedure(s) the outsourcing platform uses to select them, and their educational background.

  • Review the mission statement for the service. Is quality emphasized in any way?

  • Properly examine the contract/service agreement. Look for the provider's client satisfaction policy.

6. Find out more on Editing

It's crucial to pick a content development provider with a strong editing procedure when you
outsource writing services. Editors that proofread text, check for errors and collaborate with creators to refine content until it fulfills the clients' standards are essential to a strong content development service. Inquire about the editorial procedure and the editors' standards for quality. Ensure that you can ask for more revisions if necessary.

7. Create a style guide

By developing a style guide, you can guarantee consistency and give people a precise frame of reference for your content.  It's better to start with an established manual, such as the
AP Style guide. It is well-known among writers, who subsequently consult it for specifics like capitalization and punctuation.

You should have the following components in your style guide:

  • Preferred formatting. Concerning sentence/section lengths, spacing, phrasing, fonts, headings, key points, and other formatting elements. Be as detailed as you can.

  • Style and voice of your company. Define the character of your brand and give instances of the brand voice that is to be replicated.

  • Tips on engaging with the crowd. List the persona or perspective that you'll be using, if you'll be using rhetorical questions, and how you want the reader to feel about your content.

  • Pitfalls to avoid.  Some phrases and words might be perceived as arrogant or overly technical. You should decide on which of your competitors to avoid in your content as well, including not mentioning them, referring to, or linking out to their resources.

8. Create Precise Guidelines

Once they obtain thorough assignment guidelines, experienced writers know how to adjust right away and satisfy a client's expectations. 

Incorporating the following details in your guidelines will further help the writer:

  • A succinct description of your core demographic, including the recommended reading level, the stage of the purchase process that readers are at, and the key problems they are experiencing. (While this ought to be in the style handbook, it's no harm to state it again.)

  • The objectives you have for the content, especially the key takeaways.

  • A plan or a list of the main ideas you want to cover.

  • Your necessary SEO criteria, such as links, density, and keywords.

9. After Publication

By keeping an eye on how the written content functions after publishing, you can develop an outsourced content development process that gradually improves. Update your objectives and guidelines based on your results.


While you figure out
how to outsource content writing, you don't have to compromise on quality. The secret is to be engaged throughout and interact with writers to explain your goals and guidelines for quality. 

You can generate a regular supply of high-quality content that you can utilize to expand your digital presence if you have: 

  • Clear objectives

  • A uniform style guide

  • Comprehensive instructions

With a deep understanding of the content marketing landscape and over a decade of industry experience, we offer holistic content solutions that are customized according to your requirements to effectively boost your ROI and achieve your business goals. Get in touch with Parkyd Digital today.

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