As of now, YouTube is the 2nd most popular website on the Internet, with an average person spending around 6 hours every day consuming video content. Therefore, if you want to make your business stand out on this platform, it is imperative that you leverage as many promotional techniques as possible. Thus, in case you’re wondering how to get more views on YouTube, here are the best strategies that you can opt for:


Create engaging titles

When it comes to Youtube marketing, presentation is very important to consider. And a major part of that is creating killer titles that effectively grab the attention of your audience without appearing ‘clickbait-y’. Try including relevant keywords in your titles, along with popular beginning phrases like ‘How-to’ and ‘Best-of’. Try to keep your titles within 41 to 70 characters, as indicated by a study from Tubular Insights.


Optimize for visibility

In order to improve the chances of your video content showing up in search results effectively, here are the best practices that you can follow to optimize them –

  • Include keywords – Find the best keywords for your video topic using a tool such as and use them in your titles & descriptions. Try adding them in your videos too, as it helps Youtube better comprehend what your content is about.
  • Encourage viewers to engage – Youtube tracks the engagement on videos to rank them in search results.
  • Add categories – Categories help Youtube to display your videos to the relevant audience.
  • Don’t forget tags – Besides categories, make sure to optimize your videos with suitable tags also.


Understand what your followers want

No matter what video content you’re sharing on your Youtube channel, as long as it doesn’t align with the interests of your audience, you will continue to lag behind. Do some legwork by studying your audience and understanding the kind of content they expect from you. Check out what your competitors are posting on their Youtube channels. Keep track of your Youtube analytics also, as it provides detailed info about audience demographics, engagement, location, and useful stats.


Engage with the community

According to Youtube, any form of interaction with your audience generates a positive impact for your channel. Therefore, make sure to engage with those who subscribe, comment, and like you. Doing things such as ‘liking’ and ‘pinning’ doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Take it a step further by responding to comments every now and then.


Customize thumbnails

Customizing your video thumbnails is one of the easiest yet competent hacks that you can try if you’re wondering how to get more views on Youtube. It can be a simple template having a specific style and font to ensure consistency.


Target the search results of Google

SEO has a vital role to play in Youtube marketing, which is why you should promote your channel with search engine optimization in mind. If your content includes long-form videos, how-to’s, and product reviews, you have much better chances of securing good rankings on popular search engines like Google.


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Embed videos on your website

Some of the most effective places to advertise your Youtube channel is outside of the platform itself, such as your website. Besides that, video content can successfully bring down your site’s bounce rate and enhance conversion rates. They can be excellent additions to blog posts and product pages.


Organize videos with playlists

When it concerns how to get more views on Youtube, playlists are a great way to help visitors navigate across your channel with ease. Not only do they let you organize your videos into different categories, but also tempt viewers into binge-watching your content.


Share on social media

Sharing your Youtube content on social media can work wonders to improve your channel’s performance and engagement. Therefore, every time a video goes live on your Youtube profile, make sure to share it across your social media accounts.


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