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Restaurant marketing or advertising involves showcasing your eatery or food service business to the target audience to attract customer visits & sales. It plays a very important role in developing the brand of any restaurant. It also lets you show true hospitality to customers while they are not present at your premises. There are multiple benefits that can be obtained from a good marketing strategy for your food restaurant:

  • Higher online and foot traffic

  • Improved customer retention and greater customer lifetime value

  • Better brand awareness

  • Amplified outreach to new markets and audiences

  • Creation of new opportunities with vendors and distributors

What goes into planning a restaurant’s marketing strategy?

The foremost step towards creating successful marketing plans for restaurants is determining the activities that you wish to carry out across different advertising channels. Here are the questions that your plan must provide answers to - 

  • What do you intend to accomplish with the help of your campaign?

  • How long will it run?

  • Which channels will it be executed through?

  • How much money are you planning to invest in it?

  • Who exactly are you targeting through your campaign?

  • What are the performance metrics that you will be using to measure your campaign’s success?

What are the most effective marketing strategies of restaurants in 2022?

  • Website optimization - Update the existing information on your restaurant’s website, including the menu, address, areas that you serve, and hours of operation. Make sure that it is mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and isn’t difficult to find online.

  • Social media marketing - Since 93.33% of the global internet population is already on social media, it only makes sense to advertise your restaurant’s offerings there. 

Discover the most trending social media marketing tips and tricks for restaurants here.

  • Email marketing - Utilize email marketing for notifying your customers about promotions, specials, and important updates. This can help drive sales and guest engagement.

  • Google My Business - One of the easiest things that you can do to increase online traffic to your restaurant brand is to maintain & update your GMB profile. According to a study from Google, nearly 30% of all searches become paying clients right away, 60% of them convert within the first hour, and 80% convert gradually.

  • Promotions and discounts - Providing short-term rebates can be an excellent way to attract new clients.

  • Video marketing - Videos can be a great means for you to offer a behind-the-scenes view of your restaurant, connect with young people and stay up-to-date with internet trends.

  • Influencer marketing - Partnering with local influencers can help you promote your brand to a big social audience easily and affordably. 

  • Feedback response - Be it negative or positive, remember that listening, responding to, and implementing feedback from your guests is important.

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How to calculate the ROI of restaurant marketing?

Driving people to your business through marketing is vital for the endurance of your brand, however, you need to be certain that the marketing strategy for your food restaurant helps you bring more money. Once you are done with a particular campaign, utilize the following formula to calculate your ROI:

(Net Profit - Restaurant Marketing Cost)/Total Restaurant Marketing Campaign Cost)

The knowledge you gain from figuring out what worked with regard to your marketing strategy will impact how you approach marketing campaigns for your brand in the future.

Planning to build an effective marketing strategy for your restaurant business? Let our team at Parkyd Digital help you develop and execute it based on your objectives and goals. Get in touch with us for a detailed discussion.

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