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Blogging has turned into quite a major source of income for plenty of people across the world. What were once little nooks of the web to discover like-minded individuals & share content are presently multi-million dollar projects. Publishing content to a blog has even turned into a full-blown career for many. But how exactly is one supposed to make money from blogging?

To begin with, the procedure requires knowledge and strategy. However, before you're even at the phase of earning some serious cash from it, you really would want to ensure that your blog has been set up & optimized properly.

When making and developing your blog, quality writing is everything. Knowing your crowd and making content that appeals to them is fundamental. You additionally need to consider components like keyword optimization, image optimization, and user experience. After all, if nobody wants to read your blog, how can you expect to make money from it?

Discussed below are the best strategies that you can use to monetize your blog no matter how big or small your readership is:


Affiliate marketing

Predicted to be one of the most effective ways to make money from blogging in 2022, affiliate marketing is a major business and drives tons of e-commerce sales throughout North America almost as many as email marketing.

As a blogger, you can do affiliate marketing by encouraging individuals to purchase items from different organizations, which allows you to procure a commission for each sale that you initiate. The most extraordinary thing about it is the fact that you don't need an incredible product yourself - just find a business that has one. In order to be successful, you must ensure that whatever you choose to advertise lines up with your blog & target audience. There would be little point in marketing things that your followers care very little about.

Also, you mustn't make yourself sound like a pushy sales rep. Long story short, find items that normally line up with your specialty and distribute affiliate links all throughout for the best outcomes.



AdSense is one of the most widely recognized methods to make money from blogging. Explaining it in simpler terms, Google AdSense permits you to earn money by showing Google banner advertisements on your blog space. When visitors click on those adverts, you get a small share of the profits according to the number of clicks & impressions received by the banners.

Once you have created and completed your account on AdSense, you can choose and customize the ads that will be displayed on your blog. This implies that you can make only relevant banner adverts appear for your target audience, which will definitely increase your chances of getting more clicks & engagement on them.


Online courses

Online courses are an extraordinary method to make money from blogging in 2022. By selling and advertising them through your blog, they can assist you with transforming an inactive side interest into a source of income. An increasing number of people are opting for online courses these days, particularly after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In fact, they are proving to be so popular that by 2025, e-learning is expected to be worth $325 bn

Online courses are an extraordinary method of acquiring consistent, easy revenue also. You don't have to make a functioning course that necessitates you to conduct individual meetings. Rather, you can make a downloadable online course available that individuals can access whenever they want to. Also, try to create videos based on the courses that you make, because the popularity of video marketing is steadily skyrocketing with each passing day.


Sponsored posts & reviews

Sponsored posts are a type of influencer marketing that can help you make decent money from blogging, provided that you have a good audience in place. Bear in mind that you'll get sponsored posts only as long as your target audience finds your content engaging and trustworthy. In case your content begins to seem like spam, they will start to question your blogging skills and expertise. As such, it is fundamental that you have a content strategy in place that incorporates a blend of organic & sponsored posts.


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