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One of the most extensive, integrated, and sophisticated platforms available today is Google. While it has a plethora of well-known functions starting with its comprehensive search engine and user-friendly communication tools, Google has a host of functions that are not as widely known but are tremendously beneficial if one knows how to implement them constructively.

One of these functions is Google Analytics. An absolute boon for business owners with any kind of web presence and an e-commerce component, Google Analytics gives you access to a goldmine of information about your existing web pages and user activity. These extensively detailed statistics are the perfect way to give your business a much-needed edge in the increasingly competitive digital world. Here are 3 tips on how to generate content ideas with Google Analytics -

1. Capitalize on High Performing Content -
One of the guaranteed ways of ideating outstanding content ideas that will drive conversions for your business is understanding which of your past content pieces has truly resonated with your target group and creating new content along the same lines.

Using Google Analytics, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your past content and measure its empirical performance. To do so, navigate to the ‘All Pages’ report on your Google Analytics dashboard through the following steps: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. This report gives you access to user behavioral data pertaining to various aspects of your website and content like the most visited pages along with metrics like page views, unique page views, average time on page, bounce rate, page value, etc. Simply put, it allows you to see what content performs best on your website. Furthermore, by accessing the Google Analytics content drill down section, you can also determine the top-performing content sections as well as the top content pages on your website.

Additionally, in case you have set up Google Analytics content grouping on your dashboard, you can even compare the different types of content groups on your website effortlessly! Upon evaluating this data, you gain a fair understanding of the topics and frameworks that are best suited to your audience and by implementing these insights, you can conceptualize your future content to get the best reach.

2. Utilize On-Site Search Queries -
Another strategic approach to generating exceptional content ideas for your business is by analyzing and utilizing your on-site search queries. Most of the time, users land on a website and make use of the search bar to gain quick access to their desired page, product, or information. Analyzing these search queries will not only help you enhance your user experiences but also help you understand the gaps in your overall approach towards content strategy and creation.

To examine this data, you can access the ‘On-Site Search’ report on your Google Analytics dashboard through the following steps: Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms. In addition to providing you with the exact keywords inserted by the users on your site search bar, it also gives you access to detailed insights like the specific terms that were searched for by users right before they exited your website. This is essentially a sign that users couldn’t find what they were looking for!

You can leverage this data to engage with your customer base more effectively, optimize conversions by bridging the gaps in your existing content, and creating new, well-planned content using a content reservoir that is built from the optimal points of your user-generated data.

3. Optimize Your Content With Keyword Intent -
Last but not the least, enhance your content with the right keyword intent for your industry. There are four types of keyword intents - navigational (users searching for a particular website), informational (users searching for an answer to a question), investigational (users searching for some information that may result in a transaction), and transactional (users searching for products or services that they are ready to buy). Taking this into consideration, your website content should be optimized for the keyword intent pertaining to your business to provide users with exactly what they are searching for. This helps your website rank higher on the search engine result pages and drives quality traffic to your website.

You can discover the intent of users visiting your website by analyzing the ‘Search Queries’ report on your Google Analytics dashboard. It can be accessed through the following steps: Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. Upon surveying this report and recognizing your user intent, you can review your existing content as well as create fresh content in alignment with it to drive favorable traffic to your website organically and even enhance your SEO results!

To conclude, Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to understand your audience demographics, measure your content performance, establish a strong connection, grow customer loyalty, and finally boost customer acquisition.

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