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If there is one industry that was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the industry of hospitality. Far fewer individuals were going anywhere, booking any accommodation, or eating out, which implied substantial losses for the entire service-oriented industry. What's more now, with a large portion of buyers moving their activities to online stages, it has become fundamental to utilize hospitality digital marketing to gain an upper hand.

Indeed, foreseeing client behaviour is still moderately intricate, however by tweaking your digital marketing techniques, you'll be a bit closer to drawing in more customers. To assist you with making the necessary changes, here are some hospitality digital marketing trends that you should observe & implement in 2022:


Content generated by users

User reviews are perhaps the most trusted content available on the Internet. They include everything from comments, testimonials, blog posts, social publications and forums. As per statistics, product pages that feature user-generated content enjoy higher conversion rates. As an advertiser in this advanced age, you can leverage this type of content by requesting your guests to share reviews based on the experience they had in your facility.


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies in the field of hospitality digital marketing right now. Rather than utilizing conventional word-of-mouth referrals, plenty of restaurants and hotels are presently banding up with influencers on social media for promoting their services and brands.


Remarketing ads

Remarketing targets your promotional endeavours on prospects who show interest in your business. You can do this by gathering statistics on clients visiting your site or interacting with your content. Once you’ve gathered relevant insights, you can channel your efforts to the most lucrative market segments.



Chatbots are turning into a practically standard part of business websites. They apply all the more to websites of hospitality businesses, where clients need quick responses to questions, whether or not anyone is available for providing answers.


VR virtual tours

Virtual reality is one of those innovations that appeared to be an overambitious work of sci-fi only a couple of years ago. Presently, it is a broadly accepted innovation utilized by many industries for the purpose of marketing. With a VR headset, you can get a brief look at a remote place and feel as if you are really there. Individuals planning to make bookings with you will know precisely what to expect without even entering the property. This makes it a really successful strategy for hospitality digital marketing.


Online reputation

Online reputation is fundamentally a measure of how much individuals favour and trust your business. There are lots of free and paid tools which you can use to conduct automatic evaluations for your organization. It considers negative, positive, and neutral reviews received by your business, which are rated from 0 to 1000. The greater number of points you have, the more credibility you will enjoy amongst prospects. You can even utilize this data for determining room pricing.


Highlight safety protocols

In the post-pandemic era, perhaps the most important trend in the industry of hospitality is the kind of safety protocols your facility has in place to ensure the safety of customers. Therefore, your marketing endeavours ought to be focused on showing the limitations and policies implemented to protect visitors while they’re in your facility.


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