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Digital marketing for hotels implies developing and maintaining a strong online presence for your hotel. It incorporates creating and publishing content on various social media stages such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, as well as optimizing the same for securing good rankings on popular search engines like Google.

In the present day, most guests look for hotels and different services that they can get at these places. With a decent hotel marketing strategy in place, you will enjoy greater visibility amongst those in search of a hotel like yours, which, in turn, can help establish a loyal base of customers for your business. Digital marketing for hotels must incorporate search engine optimization, in addition to multiple effective organic & paid channels to ensure that your hotel pops up in the search results of potential guests during their online research.

Here are some effective strategies that you can utilize to optimize the online presence of your hotel in 2022:


Target relevant keywords with your content

Do keyword research and suitably optimize your content with keywords relevant to the hotel industry. Rather than competing for high competition search terms, focus on those keywords that describe particular aspects of your accommodation. For example, instead of ‘hotels in Toronto’, you can ‘family-friendly hotels in Toronto’. The more specific keywords your content has, the more chances you’ll have of getting quality visitors.


Test and Learn with Google Ads

Google ads show up above all other search results and offer excellent flexibility. Make use of the insights collected from your SEO research to target the right keywords using your ads. Continue focusing on the more specific, long-tail key phrases that don’t have much competition. In case you have optimized your site content with these keywords already, the quality scores of your ads will be much better, thereby rendering them cost-effective.


Optimize for metasearch

The first step towards optimizing for metasearch is to focus your efforts and budget on the most suitable channels. Try not to outbid online travel agencies. Rather, advertise a lesser rate and the additional trust that bookings with your hotel can guarantee. Make sure to optimize your listing with Google My Business ideally - promote key USP, share videos and images of your hotel, improve the street view and try to generate positive reviews.


Retarget using Facebook ads

Retargeting with Facebook Ads can be restricted to explicit URLs, which means you can promote to individuals who have visited specific pages on your site in a selected period. From here, you can decide to retarget individuals who saw an area, a room type, or even the people who began a booking yet neglected to finish it.


Revamp your website

Your hotel’s website is the very first impression that numerous visitors will have, and you really want to make sure that it surpasses their expectations. To begin with, your website should be stylish, sleek and reflect your brand values. The layout and design must be clean, featuring navigation that fulfills user expectations. Video and photography on your website should be professional and latest. Add content that offers useful information to visitors about your hotel.


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