For plenty of online retailers, eCommerce businesses, and high street stores, the holiday season beginning from Halloween is a peak period for consumers. On special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, businesses usually experience a steep rise in online retail sales, as buyers rush to take advantage of discounts and buy gifts, decorations, and useful items. Taking all of that into account, your brand must be online ready with the best Christmas keywords in order to achieve greater search visibility.

Peruse these 9 Smart Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021!

Which keywords should you be using?

Including the top searched keywords in your digital marketing plan can substantially help your content to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) during the holidays. Here are some industry-specific Christmas keywords that your business can put to good use:

  • Home Improvement – 
    • Home improvement
    • DIY ideas
    • Xmas decorations
    • Decorative lights
    • Christmas decoration ideas
    • Cheap electrician
    • Discount electrician
    • Personalized Christmas decorations
  • Health & Fitness – 
    • Fitness gifts
    • Fitness gifts for men
    • Fitness gifts for her
    • Healthy Christmas
    • Gifts for fitness lovers
    • Healthy holiday meals
  • Hospitality – 
    • Christmas food ideas
    • Christmas part foods
    • Christmas recipes
    • Christmas party venues
    • Office Christmas party
    • Christmas desserts
  • Retail – 
    • Christmas presents ideas
    • Christmas decorations
    • Christmas gifts
    • Christmas shopping online
    • Online Christmas shopping
    • Early Christmas shopping ideas
  • Finance
    • New Year’s resolution ideas
    • Christmas budget
    • Party on a budget
    • Financial planner
    • Financial advisor
  • Travel & Leisure – 
    • Christmas holiday ideas
    • Christmas getaways
    • Christmas trip ideas
    • Christmas holiday destinations
    • Christmas activities

Create keyword-based landing pages

Pick a number of your products/services and use them to create themed landing pages, of course with strategically embedded Christmas keywords. Leverage key phrases like ‘Christmas gifts for (friends, couples, co-workers)’ and promote those pages with your email marketing & PPC campaigns.

Compose keyword-optimized blogs

Blog posts written around the theme of Christmas or New Year are a fun and entertaining way to encourage engagement. Optimizing them using effective Christmas keywords and publishing them on your website can drive a significant volume of organic traffic. You can compose relevant blog posts on topics such as Top Christmas Presents, Best Home Cleaning Tips for New Year, Top Black Friday Deals & Discounts, etc.

Focus on link-building

Making landing pages and blog posts are just preliminary steps towards ensuring your holiday branding success. Next comes the task of promoting all of that content with the help of a good link-building strategy. Create an email list (if you don’t have one already) to notify your followers about your brand new content. You can do this either via a proper email marketing campaign or simply by adding the link in your email signature. Don’t forget to use themed imagery and element to make your designs appealing. Take advantage of social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to share those links in the form of creatively designed posts.

Now that you have a sound idea of how you can create an effective Christmas marketing campaign for the holidays, bear in mind that timing is important. Don’t wait until November to launch your campaign because search engines take time to index pages properly.

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