One of the most vital elements of any successful inbound marketing strategy, landing pages for websites are a critical point in a buyer’s journey from being visitors to evolving into customers. That being said, just creating a landing page is seldom enough. It needs to be carefully planned and well structured. Subsequently, the landing page design needs to be as enthralling as it is informative and focused. After all, a landing page can either convince the customer to make a purchase or can dissuade the user altogether! This is why landing page optimization is highly beneficial and an optimized page can boost the number of leads captured tremendously. Listed below is a landing page checklist to help you include all the predominant features of a successful landing page –


  • Engaging Content –
    First and foremost, in order to provide a seamless journey to the users, ensure that the overall content on your landing page is crafted in absolute alignment with your marketing email or advertisement copy. Next, make sure that your landing page has a powerful headline that grabs the attention of the reader, provides concise information about your offer and encourages them to read further. When it comes to the body text, rather than following the conventional approach of simply highlighting the key product or service features to entice the readers, presenting it in a way that focuses on what the users require, creates the ultimate experience! Also, try to incorporate your keywords in the page title, the headline as well as the body text, to rank higher in the SERPs and boost organic traffic.
  • Striking Visuals –
    Research suggests that content complemented with relevant images acquires 94% more views than content without, making it an essential component to achieve online marketing campaign success! For this reason, be sure to supplement your content with striking visuals in the form of images, infographics, videos or even GIFs, in order to enhance its effectiveness and capture the attention of the users with ease. Additionally, do not forget to skillfully highlight the important facets of the landing page like the headline and call-to-action buttons, whilst also ensuring that the overall landing page design is developed in accordance with the brand guidelines. All in all, making it a captivating and delightful experience for the users goes a long way!
  • Riveting Social Proof –
    Thereafter, add compelling social proof like success stories, client testimonials, product reviews, etc. to your landing page since it plays a significant role in earning the trust of the audience, influencing their decision and driving conversions. Capitalizing on social proof is particularly rewarding in the case of eCommerce landing page optimization as research indicates that more than 88% of online shoppers take reviews into account before making a purchase decision!
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  • Concise Lead-Capture Form –
    The lead-capture form on your landing page is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements for the business. Not only does it capture and maintain a record of all the information with respect to your leads but it also serves as a valuable medium to understand the effectiveness of your landing page. Lengthy lead-capture forms often result in a loss of enthusiasm for potential customers and hence, ensure that your form is to-the-point yet covers all the imperative questions to help you qualify the leads successfully. You can practice A/B testing to determine the ideal form for your business to achieve the best results!
  • Compelling Call-To-Action –
    Another highly dominant feature for landing page optimization is the call-to-action (CTA). Make sure that your CTA is straightforward, captivating and placed strategically, persuading the visitors to take prompt action. Besides, see to it that your CTA corresponds well with your headline and body text to facilitate user experience. For example, if your landing page is about a weekend digital marketing course, your CTA could be ‘enroll now’.
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  • Optimized for Mobile Devices –
    Finally, with smartphone usage increasing exponentially, optimizing the landing page for mobile devices is an absolute must! Research shows that 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company because of bad mobile experiences. For this reason, take all the necessary measures to make your landing page completely mobile-optimized, in order to maximize reach and effectiveness.
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