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Today, while the world comes together in the face of a menacing crisis, there is no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has compelled us to redefine our professional lives. With social distancing and restricted movement becoming the new normal, businesses have restructured and adapted to the new remote working module and with it, the shift to digitization and comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Digitization has not only become a factor of paramount importance for internal operations but also for keeping in touch with various stakeholders. As such, many enterprises have opted for a new business approach that holds in the changing times while reassessing their marketing budgets in light of the current situation and reallocating their resources to ROI driven digital marketing strategies. Evaluating these digital trends and developments, we have curated a list of digital marketing strategy examples for you to capitalize on during COVID-19 -

1. Connecting With Your Customers Through Social Media:

During such unprecedented times, it is vital to do more than simply stay in touch with your customers, keeping them informed about the happenings in your industry, and clearly, the best way to do so is through the primary source of buzz - social media. As a result of staying indoors for the better part of the last few months, the world has seen a massive surge in social media activity, with many enterprises taking this as an opportunity to not only capitalize on their digital marketing strategies but also to humanize their brands, educate their customers about the changes and provide them with the reassurance of a better future, essentially connecting with them on a deeper level.

Similarly, ensure that your business relates to your target audience at a time like this and provides value and support, rather than solely focusing on promoting your products or services. The situation demands that you be sensitive and empathetic towards your target audience and their requirements, strengthening your bond with them. After all, the underlying factor for success, for any business, in the long run, lies in the relationship they share with their customers.

2. Implementing Local SEO :

Another promising strategy to invest in, given the current scenario, is local search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to increase its visibility for local relevant searches to drive traffic to your platform organically. Simply put, this helps to bring more people to your website, effectively increasing the viewership and reach!

With COVID-19 still very much in play, most people choose to stay in and if given a choice, would prefer a local store or service to meet their needs in time. Local SEO ensures that your website sits atop the results generated by their search, providing them with an ideal solution to fulfill their requirements quickly. This would result in generating qualified leads for your business and earning you lifelong customers, who appreciate your timely service.

However, it is important to note that while the results of SEO are highly impactful, getting your website to rank at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) may take some time. Meanwhile, you can utilize this time to focus on the basics like ensuring that your ‘Google My Business’ listing is well updated, getting yourself registered on local listing sites, and enhancing your digital presence with positive reviews from past customers, to expedite future business.

3. Investing In Pay-Per-Click Advertising :

The most result-oriented digital marketing strategy of all during this pandemic is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As it turns out, while making an effort to adapt to the new reality, a majority of the advertisers held back their advertising campaigns despite the surge in online traffic. Multiple sources confirmed that owing to the reduced bids and competition, the average cost per click depreciated considerably for most industries. In other words, paid ads have become a lot cheaper and by roughly paying the same or lesser amount per click, you can generate a much higher return on investment (ROI).

Coupled with the fact that online media consumption is at an all-time high with heightened consumer attention, this is a great time for businesses to reach out to their audiences and get conversions. While you may not have invested in PPC advertising in the past, now would be the perfect time to gain maximum exposure within your budget.

4. Publishing Blog Posts :

One of the most inexpensive marketing implements, blogs have become an especially valuable element of the digital marketing framework during the lockdown as a vast majority of people have begun to spend increased time online. Typically, companies invest in written content to boost brand awareness and generate quality leads. They serve the dual purpose of constructively educating potential customers and engaging the existing customer base making them highly effective tools in any business’s marketing arsenal!

According to statistics shared by SEMrush, blog posts remain the most important type of content produced by 86% of marketers. Since blog posts are not an unusual marketing technique, you must ensure that your blogs stand out with high-quality content that adds value. These posts and articles can establish your business as an expert in the field, with customers eventually looking to your webpage as their go-to source of information! More importantly, the better the quality of the blog, the more likely it is to get shared as well, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.

5. Optimize Your Website To Make It Mobile-Friendly :

Lastly, with smartphone usage increasing exponentially, and more so during the lockdown, it is essential to optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly. Today, when almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet on them at all times, opting to upgrade your website will ensure that it will begin to appear higher up in search results. Even if you don't receive too much mobile traffic at the moment, this optimization will see that you do! Not to mention that your target audience is more likely to convert when they find what they are looking for in an easily accessible format!

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has redefined the face of marketing. As with all things worth doing, there are challenges to be faced but there are also a plethora of new opportunities to exploit.

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