Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Enhance the overall performance of your website to increase traffic, generate relevant leads and boost conversions.

Website Optimization

Parkyd Creates an Enhanced Experience to Generate Profitable Results!

The process of enhancing the experience of the users on your website is called website optimization and without a doubt, it is one of the most important commercial initiatives which you must invest in, when you are building a business for yourself. While a good user experience will drive engagement, a bad one will push your audience far.

It is your choice finally to understand whether you are willing to invest your resources and time to build an awesome experience in order to drive conversation rates or not. Or are you satisfied with providing your audience with a sub par user experience?

While it is definitely a daunting task to overhaul so many parts of your website like the detailed technical performance as well as search engine Optimisation or SEO. That is why Parkyd, the top digital marketing company toronto concentrates on the areas which matter the most, which are your customers and your audience.

Why Do You Need Website Optimisation?

Parkyd utilizes website optimization as a process for successfully utilising advanced strategies, tools as well as experiments in order to bring forth improvement in the performance of your commercial website further by driving traffic and increasing conversation revenue.

Parkyd Offers Specialized Teams for Search engine Optimisation or SEO

Our team understands that one of the most critical aspects of website optimisation is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. We understand that this not only enables you to get multiple pages of your websites into the higher rank category in the SERPs for particular keywords but also increases the prospect of finding your brand in the easiest possible way.

Parkyd, as an online marketing agency, also emphasizes on the critical aspect of on page optimization and makes sure that the prospects which land on your website have the best user experience that would compel them to take desired action as well as be converted into profitable leads.

Thus, through your website optimisation, you not only tap into the forte of an untapped market in a manner which is most efficient as well as effective, but you also open multiple doors of conversions which result in revenue gains inevitably.


By optimising your website, targeting real people, you gain the trust of each visitor, start building relationships with them as well as sell products without the compulsion of jumping on a sales call.

Only we, the leading digital marketing agency canada understand the importance of a holistic approach towards website optimisation, and successfully combine a large variety of disciplines in order to ensure that your website performs fantastically in all of the areas like:

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • UX Design -Frontend
  • Web Development -Backend
  • CRO or Landing Page Optimization

And many more…

One thing that continues to reign supreme in online marketing is the importance of quality content. While there are a wide variety of tricks and tips which could be utilised in order to improve search engine results, one of the most important factors continues to be website content of superior quality.

Most importantly, it enables the increase of click through rates or CTRs. This is the term which is utilized in order to describe the exact percentage of people who are clicking on your website after they have read the description on the search result page

In website optimization one of the most fundamental concepts is structured data. It refers to the method in which data is given structure or is organised within a website. It efficiently breaks down any information that is found on a website into a format data of a spreadsheet which can be easily read as well as comprehended by search engine crawlers.

That is the reason it is very important that all websites keep all their relevant data in a manner that is organised. Or else they run a risk of missing connecting with a huge number of customers who search businesses through traditional search engines.


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