The impact of social media on the sector of real estate is fairly evident. It’s so persuasive that 82% of realtors wish to further develop their presence on social networking platforms. In order to ensure the success of your digital strategy for improved lead generation & brand awareness, staying abreast of the latest real estate social media trends is important.

Every social media platform has its own distinct elements and best practices; what’s trending on one may not be popular on another. To assist you in understanding what’s best for your business, we’ve assembled a rundown of the hottest real estate social media trends for 2022 across popular platforms.


Automating the procedure 

Consolidating automation into your social media work process can help you offer highly relevant content to your target audience. With the assistance of automation, you can, 

  • decide the best times to share content on social channels, 
  • track engagement data, 
  • and so much more. 

Besides, you’ll have the option to plan your content schedule impeccably using scheduling tools such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite to guarantee that your prospect sees your posts consistently. 


Using video content 

Videos were widely used before the pandemic and turned out to be even more valuable after that as individuals had to rely on virtual video property tours before being able to visit in person. Also, organizations began to depend heavily on live streaming for conducting conferences, webinars, and Q&As. In addition to that, video has become an integral part of popular social platforms like YouTube & Instagram (in the form of Shorts and Reels). As such, videos will continue to be an important part of real estate social media trends in 2022.


Engaging with education

As per a new study, seven out of every ten individuals utilize social media to get new information and connect with others for sharing the same. Since so many individuals are using social media to learn, offering relevant info in the form of short videos, infographics, and blog links is an excellent way to engage followers with your brand. Here are some ideas that you can experiment with –

  • Offer home staging tips to property sellers
  • Share information on what can be expected from & during an inspection
  • Discuss the latest trends in the real estate sector


Growing the focus

As more individuals look for hyperlocal content regarding an area, they’re hoping to see local content on social media as well. Both property buyers & sellers want more data than just property details. They want to know about the attractions and features offered by the neighborhood & its surrounding regions. As such, sharing information about attractions, entertainment, and places to eat in the area helps form a sound idea about a place. This is especially invaluable for those who are planning to buy a property in the area.


Seamless communication

Just posting a video, photo or link may seem to be the only thing you need to do for sharing data with the target audience & developing your online presence. But with more sellers and buyers using social media for finding answers and asking questions, companies are now being expected to respond to all of that. Replying to user comments with personalized responses will let them know that they matter to you.


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Since social media is changing and evolving constantly, it’s quintessential to stay aware of the most recent trends and include them in your social media marketing strategy. Make sure to monitor your social profiles using analytics to determine what works best for your organization.


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