The process of selling or purchasing a home is a vital financial decision. Most homebuyers come with a ton of questions when seeking professional help for this task. Your customers expect more than just a real estate agent. They want your agency to take care of their interests and guide them through the complications associated with property ownership. They wish for someone by their side who inspires confidence all throughout the procedure.


That is where the power of social media platforms can be leveraged. When done right, they can serve as great avenues for forging partnerships, sharing information, and opening dialogues with renters, buyers, and sellers alike. Besides, multiple statistics already speak volumes about its unmistakable efficacy. Here is a list of strategies that you can incorporate into your real estate social media marketing strategy:


Educate your clients

Share your experience as a realtor in the form of lessons with your clients. Teach them about common risks and pitfalls that they need to steer clear of, and help them make the right choice. If your real estate website has a blog section, post informative articles about the home buying process and promote them through your real estate social media marketing campaign.

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Advertise the whole town, not just one home in it

Before even making the first move towards a purchase, homebuyers want to know in detail about the neighborhood that their chosen property is in. Instead of sharing simple demographic statistics and using flowery words to please your audience, provide them with a greater understanding of your real estate marketplaces. Post beautiful photographs of the towns where your properties are located.


Talk to your followers

Nowadays, a lot of home buyers want to have their queries answered instantly, and they are doing that in different ways. Rather than directly contacting real estate agents with questions about neighborhoods or properties, they are tweeting and looking for recommendations on Facebook. Be prepared to handle this outreach by starting dialogues through such questions and answering them. They are usually from followers in the preliminary phases of the buying procedure.


Address customer feedback

Respond to both good and bad feedback from customers, and be as prompt and courteous as needed. Avoid the temptation of getting into skirmishes with abusive followers. Remember to appreciate the ones who praise your services. Even if people are being annoying with their harshest critics, work past their frustration and direct their interest towards other properties.

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Post property photos

As a realtor, you can never undermine the importance of sharing crisp, neat photographs of your properties for sale with the target audience. Post high-quality images on Instagram and Facebook to provide your followers with sneak peeks of what they can expect from any given property. Include suitable CTA to redirect them to something more enticing, like a virtual tour.


Don’t forget to use videos

Shooting and editing a real estate property video may seem like an expensive endeavor, but home marketing can greatly benefit from even a single online video. You can share professional property videos with your customers on YouTube, which won’t just provide your clients with a visual experience, but also improve your website’s search engine rankings.


Share success stories & client testimonials

All social media platforms are excellent channels to share client testimonials as well as case studies of successful customer partnerships. They can help you establish credibility and legitimacy with your target audience.


Building a strong social media presence is quintessential for any real estate agency, especially in the post-pandemic era where more people are looking for products & services online. Need a robust real estate social media marketing campaign for advertising your properties? Reach out to our qualified experts for a free consultation today.