Social media is an extraordinary tool for realtors to communicate with their customers as well as prospects on a profound level. In case you’re not doing that, you’re passing up a chance to stay in contact with your customers as well as gain repeat business & referrals. 

Since you’re setting aside the effort to post, ensure you’re sharing content that portrays you as a professional, knowledgeable & top-notch agent. To make things easier, we decided to go through some brilliant real estate social media content ideas and compiled a list for your perusal:


1. Customer appreciation event

Planning an event to appreciate your valued customers? Unless you wish to keep it exclusive, leverage the power of social media to promote the event. And afterward, try to share photographs of the best moments from it! Don’t forget to tag everyone in their photos, make sure to thank them properly with an email, and encourage all attendees to share event photographs taken by them to your event page.


2. Customer reviews

You can’t boast about yourself, yet you can allow others to do it for you. Allow them to inform others regarding how your company helped with their real estate transaction. This is one of the most ideal real estate social media marketing methods for building trust with prospective customers and reinforcing your brand image. Try not to post an entire testimonial in case it’s long – instead, use one or two lines from it and make sure to include a link to the ‘testimonials’ page of your website. Make a simple graphic to post along with the text.


3. Holidays

Though most organizations post on social media during the holidays, the majority of such posts are quite generic & stale. Take it up a score by posting a wonderful graphic that makes people stop scrolling. You can even post some pleasant fact about the occasion – something that individuals may not be aware of. 


4. Giveaways & contests

Contests or giveaway posts make certain to stand out enough to be noticed in the light of the fact that everyone enjoys getting free stuff. Ensure you adhere to the social platform’s guidelines when it comes to contests and add a disclaimer. Be exceptionally clear with regards to what individuals need to do to enter or meet all requirements for the prize. Post an image of the champ with the prize after the contest is over.


5. Facts about the real estate market

You’re a realtor, which is why it’s excellent to show individuals that you know a great deal and are very much informed with regard to what’s happening in your neighborhood market. This is a critical method for building your professionalism. Try not to utilize industry language that individuals can’t comprehend. Also, don’t include a lot of text, and make sure to include the source link.


6. Purchasing/selling goals

Remind individuals that you’re here to assist them with meeting their home objectives at whatever point they’re prepared to purchase or sell. This is likewise the ideal chance to remind individuals that you’re here to assist their referrals also. Try not to share such posts too often though, as customers don’t like being sold at all times. 


7. Useful info or news 

Be your customers’ go-to asset for useful info and news. It can be information about the locality, or random helpful facts about real estate property transactions. Don’t post anything that you yourself would not be interested in reading.


8. New property listing 

Have a brand new property listing to share with your followers? When you do so on social media, incorporate some interior shots, a photo of the exterior, the primary details, and the listing’s link on your real estate website. 



You’ve most likely seen the huge number of quotes individuals share on Facebook. They’re all around on social networking channels. Why not make one with your branding for individuals to share? Bear in mind though that quotes lose their effect if posted too often. 


10. Achievements

If you and your group of real estate professionals accomplish something amazing, ensure that your followers know about it. Show individuals precisely why you’re unique. Avoid being braggy and instead, focus on hard work.


We hope that this rundown of social media content ideas will make it easier for your real estate business to share quality posts on its social channels. In case you require the knowledge and skills of an expert, get in touch with us right away!