SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

Improve your website’s organic search traffic through expert search engine optimization practices and expedite the buyer’s journey by creating high-quality content tailored to your demographic.

SEO and Content Marketing

Aim – Driving Results

One of the most important focuses of any foremost advertising agencies in canada should be to offer SEO focused content marketing which successfully drives in effective results. Parkyd, with a team of experienced and skilled professionals offer its clients content marketing solutions which are customized and specifically designed for multiple niches such as:

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content promotion
  • SEO
  • Social Media


We are a professional content marketing team, knowing how to do your content correctly.

There are multiple similar website development companies in Canada but what makes our content stand out in the sea of millions of contents which are categorised as so-so and not brilliant? The answer is that only Parkyd offers you a dedicated team which has knowledge that is categorically focused on the recent market trends and requirements. We understand that the market dynamics these days is constantly evolving and changing, and that is the reason Parkyd offers you solutions which are based on today’s needs.

This Toronto digital marketing agency is your one stop shop for all your consumer centric contents which are data driven as well as search engine optimised that is suitable for marketing.

How Parkyd Helps You in Your Business?

Here, we, a highly reputed digital marketing agency canada work closely with all our clients in order to construct a lead generation funnel that is sustainable in nature. There are multiple fields where we aid you so that you can bring growth in your business, like creating unique content, strategizing your content as well as promoting it. Apart from that, we also help you in thought leadership and measurement.

We provide increased customer lifetime value as well as enhanced brand value for your company but at a much lower customer acquisition cost and within a lower time window.

How Parkyd Upgrades Your Business : Advance Content Strategies

We completely comprehend your vertical and accordingly develop and select content strategies which will successfully identify your exact target audience. After identifying the target audience we decide on a best suitable plan on the ways that will be ideal in reaching them and propagating the name for your company.

What You Will Get by This?

When you join us, we give you the best experience in the industry by offering you a series of high end services where you will get-

  • The strategies which are highly personalized and tailor made plans specifically suitable for your business.
  • A loud content voice which is aligned with the goals of your branding.
  • Monthly content deliverables which are consistently of higher quality than the rest available in the market.
  • A decisive action plan for the placement of your content on famous and prominent sites.
  • Generation of ideas suitable for resource pages.


One of the biggest trends in content marketing is to build content communities. Due to the pandemic, a lot of focus has been shifted to personalization in marketing and there has been a significant rise of slack communities across the tech world. That is the reason when you build the community specifically around content sharing as well as reaction, it will allow the marketing teams to continue to expand with their reach even if they have fewer resources

Since the pandemic, video and web content has become far more important than ever.

There has been a video marketing boom in live video and the growth that will continue for at least two more years. Since it is a quick as well as effective medium to communicate your message, along with educating your audience, right now it is considered to be a useful tool.

One of the top trends in content marketing this year is to improve content experience. These days interacting with the content is not only considered important but what kind of content is being produced is also of high significance. That is the reason why content experience is a key trend this year, whether it is a new interactive content or something with better UX.

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