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Adopting newer technology seems to have become quite popular amongst a broad range of sectors and industries after the pandemic of COVID-19. As cases began to rise again universally, more builders, operators, developers, property owners, and realtors started realizing that embracing the latest real estate digital marketing trends is the key to meeting customer requirements effectively. 

Although the advantages of modern technology are available in abundance, numerous realtors in the industry still feel skeptical about it. As per the National Association of REALTORS®, 48% of realtors mentioned that staying abreast of technological development is probably the greatest challenge they presently face. 

Key Discussion: Why Is Digital Marketing A Must For The Real Estate Sector in 2023?


The best way to adopt technology is by knowing which ones are worth keeping on your agenda. Here are the top real estate digital marketing trends for 2023


Rise of virtual reality & the metaverse

The increasing usage of virtual and augmented reality resources is expected to influence the real estate search experience substantially by next year. Virtual property tours, for example, provide purchasers with a highly immersive perspective of potential homes; progressions in innovation have made the experience as insightful as in-person visits, but with more time savings and convenience. 

Numerous residential and commercial realtors as of now utilize drones to take aerial shots and videos, but the reception of these assets is expected to grow dramatically in 2023. Especially after the announcement of the metaverse development by tech giants like Facebook & Microsoft, virtual reality resources are ought to influence all the major global industries, including the real estate sector.


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Analytics that enable realtors to meet customer requirements more effectively

In any real estate property transaction, there are always multiple parties involved, including buyer, seller, attorney, agent, and more. Shockingly, the industry has been slower to embrace resources that not just sort out key data related to transactions, but also evaluate customers' behavior & offer quantifiable information that empowers future improvement. 

That is going to change in 2023. With in-person gatherings mostly limited because of COVID-19, it is anticipated that more real estate professionals will embrace customer relationship management (CRM) tools, analytics support, and other AI-fueled technology to simplify business operations. 


Mobile resources assist purchasers with finding properties in any place that they are

Right now, most realtors make use of online tools to organize property searches for their clients. However, a considerable lot of these channels are not tweaked for mobile, which is fundamental for likely buyers to either see properties from a remote place (particularly considering more severe COVID-19 guidelines) or at a glance. Property supervisors likewise ought to consider buying or creating exclusive mobile applications to offer key services. 


Blockchain-powered technology with greater convenience & security for property buyers

Lately, conventional procedures of the real estate sector are being disrupted often by blockchain technology, just like several other industries. As per AI Multiple, a noteworthy technology analyst, some real estate companies have launched "smart contracts" within client transactions. These contracts are created using the blockchain, which adds and makes contract conditions utilizing an algorithmic code. Once the beneficiary meets the fundamental terms & conditions, the contract becomes active, allowing for a transaction. This can be massively useful to real estate businesses since it takes out the requirement for liaisons and verifications through banks. Also, because of the blockchain’s exceptional security, smart contracts can assist with decreasing the chances of a breach or fraud. 

The process of digital transformation is an intricate and extensive venture that necessitates strategic planning and professional expertise to ensure long-term benefits. Parkyd Digital’s team possesses experience in assisting realtors to improve business growth with the right online marketing solutions.

Having a strong social media presence is now more important than ever

To maintain your real estate brand's visibility and relevance in 2023, it's crucial to establish a strong presence on social media. This involves creating and maintaining active accounts on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others.

A quality social media presence enables you to connect directly with your target audience and engage with them in real-time. By doing so, you can increase brand awareness, build credibility and trust, and foster a sense of community. Moreover, social media provides an avenue to share your content, products, and services with a wider audience beyond your existing customer base.

However, to effectively leverage social media, you'll need to develop a strategic approach that aligns with your brand's goals and objectives. This means identifying the right platforms to focus on, creating a consistent brand voice and visual identity, and producing compelling content that resonates with your audience. It also involves actively monitoring and responding to feedback and engaging with your followers to foster a sense of community and build strong relationships.

Keeping in touch with previous clients is vital

In 2023, one of the primary business goals for real estate professionals is to boost referral rates. To achieve this, it is crucial to maintain a strong relationship with previous clients, as this can directly impact the number of referrals received.

By consistently staying in touch with previous clients and leads, you will not only strengthen your relationship with them but also position yourself as a reliable and trustworthy real estate expert. This will increase the likelihood of them referring you to their network when they or someone they know are in the market for real estate services.

To effectively nurture these relationships, it's essential to develop a system for keeping in touch with past clients, such as sending regular personalized communications, delivering helpful and informative content, and engaging with them on social media. By doing so, you remain top of mind with them and demonstrate your expertise and value as a real estate professional.

Videos are not going anywhere anytime soon

Video marketing is going to be a highly effective tool for establishing a personal connection and engaging with your audience in 2023. In the real estate industry, leveraging video-based listing marketing strategies like virtual tours and showings can help you build trust and rapport with potential clients, in a format that feels familiar and accessible. By utilizing video, you can showcase your unique personality and establish a stronger bond with your customer base, ultimately boosting your success in the competitive world of real estate.

Professional listings will continue to dominate

To stand out in the competitive real estate market, it is essential to utilize professional listing content such as high-quality real estate photography, immersive 3D tours, and detailed floor plans. These features are in high demand among home buyers and can significantly enhance the appeal and visibility of your listings. Incorporating these cutting-edge tools into your marketing strategy is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and attracting potential buyers to your properties.

Spreading awareness among customers will be essential too

As a real estate professional in 2023, you must endeavor to establish yourself as an expert in educating consumers on various aspects of the real estate market, such as trends, interest rates, and other relevant information. By keeping yourself updated on the latest market changes, you can help clients make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected shocks or surprises.

One of the key benefits of educating clients effectively is that it can help you retain business. When clients feel that they have a thorough understanding of the market and are making informed decisions, they are more likely to trust and rely on you as their agent. This can result in repeat business, referrals, and ultimately, a successful and fulfilling career in real estate.

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About us

We are a B2B digital marketing agency focused on delivering innovative, strategic and cost-effective solutions that align with your sales and marketing goals. Through an ROI-driven approach, proven data-driven techniques and over a decade of experience, we help you generate high-quality leads, optimize your conversion rate and build customer loyalty.


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