New Year, 2022 is less than 3 months away from us and it can mean a variety of things for different people, but the objective is singular – prepping for the holidays. As an eCommerce brand, your first step towards gearing up for the cold season should be planning a strong marketing strategy to attract buyers. Sure, the days ahead of you can be overwhelming as you take care of business orders from holiday-crazed shoppers. But having a robust marketing plan will allow you to amplify your reach while shoppers are in the mood to spend money. So if you’re looking for ideas to make engaging New Year social media posts for your eCommerce brand, here are some avenues you can explore:

Post a behind-the-scenes video

Showing a behind-the-scenes sneak peek video to your followers is a great way to gain their attention. Especially those who are in the restaurant business may create videos showing one of their signature dishes in the making. Even if what you’re planning is completely a surprise, offering a small sneak peek can give them the feeling of ‘insiders’.

Provide gifts

Advertising that you will be offering shoppers a free gift on every purchase is not just a great marketing strategy, but also an exemplary idea for a Happy New Year social media post. You can use this technique even more after Christmas – especially when they’re starting to lose the hype for shopping – to get them right back into it. However, don’t miss out on these amazing campaign ideas to market your business while Santa’s in town.

Host a contest

Contests are an amazingly effective way for your business to get into the festive spirit of the holidays. There are lots of creative ideas that you can experiment with, including requesting your followers to share inspiring quotes, videos showing themselves utilizing your products, or perhaps a creative snapshot that was taken at your shop. Also, you can request testimonials through a survey and reward your best clients with a discount. Just make sure that it’s something that people are most likely to have fun doing. The more the engagement, the higher are your chances of amplifying your reach.

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Create an offer

Creating an offer is one of the best ideas for New Year social media posts that you can come up with. You can make a silly video, a puzzle, or GIF that creatively unveils the hidden offer.

Decorate your social media & website

Don’t forget to embellish your social media profiles and website with holiday graphics. Design a holiday-themed cover Facebook cover, add some interesting New Year effect to your brand logo, embed a special popup on your website, and so on. 

Get personal

Holidays are the best time to get personal with your audience, and it’s also an excellent idea for a Happy New Year social media post. Consider making a video or a long-caption post sharing your experience throughout the past year. Tell your followers about the challenges that you’ve overcome, how important they are to you, and show how much you appreciate their support.

Conduct an event

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheerful gathering during the holiday season? Leverage this by arranging an event and inviting your customers to it. If you’re worried that people might still be afraid to gather in groups ‘cause of the pandemic, organize an online event and promote it on all of your marketing channels.

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