ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

Boost profitable customer acquisition through eCommerce marketing strategies crafted for your business.

E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce is one of the most diverse and thriving markets in the world in the COVID-19 era.

And the strange part is, it is growing everyday.

It is estimated that worldwide E-Commerce would grow multiple manifolds by the year 2023. Moreover, due to the worldwide pandemic, as well as the growth of remote work, E-Commerce has grown like never before. The E-Commerce companies are expanding and optimising this opportunity by transforming their approach towards business.

How Can Parkyd Grow Your E-Commerce Website?

Since E-Commerce is growing, there has been an unforeseen competition resulting in all the related companies struggling to attract customers towards their business. That is the reason you have to choose the right digital marketing agency canada, which will help you to make a difference, and that decision will make sure whether you fail or succeed in your endeavour.

Parkyd helps in optimisation of images, redesigning graphics and rewriting contents to lead to more revenue for your company. As the leading web development company, our focus is on revenue changes and how we approach each problem at hand. By bringing in analysis and market study into the play, profitability is ensured. Parkyd, the leading digital marketing company toronto, exactly knows what to do to generate more business and our specialised team concentrates on just that.

We as an online marketing agency focus on newest techniques of marketing for the E-Commerce business to thrive and pay attention to minutest of the details such as-

  • Production of content that is original
  • Optimisation of the e-commerce website and it’s layout
  • Marketing of the content
  • Marketing through email, social media and other platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO suitable for ecommerce
  • Pay-per-click advertising or PPC for ecommerce
  • Target variable as well as virtual reality or VR
  • Personalizing as well as humanizing
  • Optimization suitable for hand devices like mobile phones
  • Retargeting the entire process

The Production of Original Content

The very first step to set up an eCommerce website is the creation of quality content for it. Parkyd, one of the foremost digital marketing agencies in the nation understands that original as well as a high quality content is a pertinent key that will set you up for success since it will resonate with your clients in a manner that would make them want to interact, purchase as well as maintain a long-standing relationship with you.


Whether your online retail company is just beginning it’s journey or it has already reached the point of maintenance in a customer base that is well established, according to the leading inbound marketing company in Toronto, the most important part to stay updated with all the current trends of e-commerce marketing as well as techniques would only lead to the success for your endeavour.

It is an intelligent step if you structure your website and proper e-commerce marketing strategy is devised by your inbound marketing company for efficient business outcomes.

Using Mobile Devices

The whole market is now running on mobile phones in today’s time. Each consumer is on either their mobile phones or tablets and that is the reason it is important for brands to hit this particular market segment.

Using Voice Search

No matter whether you are at the office or at home, on-the-go voice technology has flawlessly entered our lives. All the E-Commerce websites these days should be on the toes for optimising their content through voice search.

Consumer Awareness

Few things never go out of style, and increasing consumer awareness as well as loyalty through better online sales experience should be the focus of each brand these days.

If you invest in advancing the user experience, it is one of the most prominent upcoming trends of e-commerce marketing of recent time. Personalized best content should be made the top priority of any digital marketing team for any brand. For any online shopping experience, following regular e-commerce market trends is fundamental to boost any brand’s target audience.

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