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Just like well-established and bigger organizations, new companies can expect to support beneficial development by improving their lead generation & conversion rates. However, new startups, similar to small ventures, usually don’t have large budgets for advertisement. But, they can use a well-planned digital marketing strategy for startups to produce, develop, and convert leads even with a limited advertising budget. They can plan and customize their online marketing strategy cautiously to contend with more developed organizations.

Here are the top approaches that every digital marketing strategy for startups in 2022 should include:


Mobile-first web design

In 2021, over 54% of worldwide site traffic came from smartphones. The level of buyers getting to sites on cell phones and tablets will continue to increase in 2022. Adopting a mobile-first approach for your digital marketing strategy is one of the keys to ensuring the success of your startup in 2022.


Google My Business

The digital marketing strategy for your startup should make it more straightforward for clients to track down your business. Numerous entrepreneurs nowadays make use of the free tool offered by Google to develop their business profiles on both Google Maps & Search. Besides sharing significant business data with your prospects, you can use Google My Business to associate with clients by encouraging them to add reviews & feedback.


Search engine optimization

Apart from ensuring an exceptional client experience with a mobile-first approach and a presence on GMB, you must also endeavour to boost your visibility and rankings on popular search engines. Carry out a search engine optimization procedure for attracting and converting more leads reliably. While upgrading the site for web crawlers in 2022, you ought to bear in mind the most recent SEO trends and guidelines.


Content marketing

As per the insights shared by Hubspot, almost 40% of advertisers say content is a vital piece of their overall marketing approach. Statistics portray how new ventures can produce & convert leads by making, sharing, and advertising an assortment of content. While implementing a digital marketing strategy for your startup in 2022, you should zero in on the creation of an assortment of content - infographics, videos, blogs, ebooks and podcasts.


Social media marketing

As indicated by Techjury.net, people spend nearly 2 hours every day on social media platforms. The huge prominence of social networking sites makes them one of the most remarkable channels for digital marketing in 2022. Having a social media marketing plan for your startup is, therefore, extremely crucial.


Email marketing

According to the marketing statistics accumulated by Statista, 49% of buyers say they want to get promotional emails from their beloved brands. As a startup, you can effectively attract & engage more customers by sending targeted and personalized emails to them. Use lead magnets and sign-in forms to obtain the email information of prospects and create a mailing list out of them. Create interesting & informative emails to engage your recipients & deliver the right message to them.


Video marketing

Remember that video content is more effective than text and picture content when connecting with clients and helps convey the desired message to them. Additionally, you can ideally influence the buying decision of clients with the help of explainer videos.


Referral marketing

You can use referral marketing for securing new clients via the word-of-mouth referral of your existing clients. The digital marketing strategy for your startup in 2022 must incorporate a referral program that motivates your existing clients to recommend your services or products to their friends & family.


Client support

Numerous startups nowadays outflank enormous organizations by providing exceptional client support. Simultaneously, there are many occurrences when terrible customer support harmed the credibility and reputation of startups rapidly. In 2022, you can encourage the loyalty of clients by guaranteeing exemplary customer service for them


Retargeting ads

While planning a good digital marketing strategy for your startup, you should lay strong emphasis on how to engage and retain site visitors. Make use of retargeting ads to get return visitors and effectively encourage them to take the desired action.

Are you a startup or small business owner planning to optimize your digital marketing strategy in 2022?

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