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Facebook ads costs
How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in 2022? Are They Still Worth It?

Worried about how much Facebook ads cost and how much you should expect to invest in them in 2022? Read this blog post for detailed insight.

Facebook ads
Facebook Ads Guide For 2022 – Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Learn how to run Facebook ads in 2022 that will convert your audience and cover the trending topics of 2022 from this detailed guide.

social media audit
Best Way To Conduct A Social Media Audit Of Your Business In 2022

Audit the social media of your business in 2022 by using the best practices, and learn about the most effective social media audit tools.

real estate social media marketing
Top Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas – Parkyd Digital

Check out what successful real estate companies are posting on their social media accounts and learn from them if you are a new realtor.

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Real Estate Social Media Trends For 2022 – Parkyd Digital

Know the latest trends of social media for real estate in 2022 that you can use in the digital marketing strategy of your business.

real estate social media marketing
Top Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Business

Real estate social media marketing is quickly gaining traction as a vital tool using which realtors can gain engagement & high-quality leads.

Digital marketing for real estate
Why is Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies Important?

Digital marketing for real estate is indispensable to boost property sales & reach a wider audience. Learn why it’s so important!

New Year social media post
7 Cool Ideas for New Year Social Media Posts for 2022

Explore these wonderful ideas for happy new year social media posts for your e-commerce brand to engage your customers during the holidays.

Inbound marketing campaign
How To Plan A Strong Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Requirements for a strong inbound marketing campaign – #Great SEO #PPC #Blogging #Active social media #Landing pages with good CTAs

Stages of Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing Journey – Tips For All Stages

Tips for your inbound marketing journey: 1. Work with pros • 2. Repurpose content • 3. Videos • 4. SEO • 5. Landing pages • 6. Social media

Blog Repurpose for Social Media
Tips To Repurpose Your Blog Content For Social Media

An extremely useful technique, repurposing blog content into social media posts has plenty of benefits and is as easy as it is rewarding!

Social Media Strategy Guidelines to Boost Your E-commerce Business

There are a few requisites and must-haves that help businesses steal the limelight. Explained here are 6 crucial ideas for social media strategy