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real estate digital marketing trends
Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 – Parkyd Digital

Read this detailed guide by Parkyd Digital to learn about the top real estate digital marketing trends that you cannot miss in 2022.

Digital marketing for real estate companies
Real Estate Digital Marketing Companies in Canada

Digital marketing for real estate companies can result in many benefits. Here’s a list of the best real estate marketing agencies in Canada.

Digital marketing for real estate
Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas For 2022 – Parkyd Digital

Digital marketing is a great way to build the online presence of your real estate business, and will play an important role in 2022 also.

digital marketing for real estate
Why Is Digital Marketing A Must For The Real Estate Sector in 2022?

Usage of digital marketing in the real estate sector has become more important than ever & will play a major role in boosting sales in 2022.

Digital marketing for real estate
Why is Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies Important?

Digital marketing for real estate is indispensable to boost property sales & reach a wider audience. Learn why it’s so important!

Inbound marketing benefits for small businesses
Inbound Marketing Benefits For Small Businesses in 2022

There are a wide range of inbound marketing benefits for small businesses to reap. Learn about the major ones your company can gain from it.

Inbound marketing campaign
How To Plan A Strong Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Requirements for a strong inbound marketing campaign – #Great SEO #PPC #Blogging #Active social media #Landing pages with good CTAs

Stages of Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing Journey – Tips For All Stages

Tips for your inbound marketing journey: 1. Work with pros • 2. Repurpose content • 3. Videos • 4. SEO • 5. Landing pages • 6. Social media

Conducting a Full Digital Marketing Audit: Your Complete Guide

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive and categorical process of extensively reviewing the various platforms, strategies, and performance .

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Foster Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition can be a tedious process. Listed here are 5 easy and effective marketing strategies to attract more…..

Key Components of a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

This blog explains the ideology of an inbound marketing strategy and elaborates on its 5 most important aspects for any business……

Video Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter

Mentioned here are some of the most informative and useful video marketing metrics that every business should take advantage of

Why You Should Consider White Label Marketing For Your Company

Today, white label marketing is a very valuable tool to scale businesses and maximize profit. Here is everything you need to know!

6 Practices To Improve Retention Marketing For SMBs
6 Practices To Improve Retention Marketing For SMBs

This blog elucidates the importance of retention marketing strategies and the most effective ways to undertake a retention campaign

Why SMBs Must Hire A Marketing Agency

In a world of technological leaps and fierce retail competition, small and medium businesses are often pitted against major corporations and enterprises.

B2B Lead Generation
B2B Lead Generation Strategies To Capitalize On In 2021

B2B lead generation is one of the biggest challenges faced by a plethora of businesses. While the old strategies used were effective until recently,

5 New Social Media Updates To Look Out For

To be able to take advantage of the vast reach provided by social media platforms, we’ve compiled some of the latest updates from the social media

Content Marketing Guidelines for SMBs

This blog elucidates the essence of content marketing for small businesses and further explains how to develop an effective content marketing strategy indicates that while 70% of marketers 77% of companies claim that they have

How Small Businesses Can Use Instagram Reels To Boost Organic Reach

Everything you need to know about Instagram Reels for small businesses to build a successful social media growth strategy

6 Actionable Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses To Maximize ROI

Email marketing services are one of the most lucrative digital channels. Read on to know 6 actionable email marketing tips for SMBs to maximize ROI

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Performing Local SEO

While investing in local SEO is an absolute must, it is a strategic process. Listed here are 7 mistakes to avoid while performing local SEO

5 Fundamentals to Build a Strong Online Presence

Online presence management has become an inevitable part of business growth and development. Here are 5 fundamentals to build

How to Generate Content Ideas with Google Analytics?

Generate content ideas with Google Analytics using detailed statistics to give your business an edge in an increasingly competitive digital world

An Extensive Guide on Influencer Outreach For Your Business

With various factors contributing to the success of an influencer outreach program, here’s how you can get started.

SEO Strategies for 2021 and beyond

SEO strategy tips that will help you dominate in the search engine results page (SERPs) and increase revenue.Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of continuously

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Capitalize on During Covid-19

Evaluating the latest digital trends and developments, we have curated a list of digital marketing strategies for you to capitalize

8 Reasons Why SMBs Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for SMBs has become as inevitable as it is essential to grow, expand, and flourish. Here is why SMBs should invest in digital marketing.

5 Digital Marketing Tools a Small and Medium Business Needs

We’ve curated a list of some of the top digital marketing tools every small and medium business should have for effective digital marketing.

7 digital marketing mistakes you’re making during COVID-19

As companies continue their struggle in dealing with the repercussions of Covid-19, you can help your company by not making these 7 digital marketing mistakes.