The digital media revolution coupled with advancement in technology has completely transformed the retail and commercial landscape. As a result, consumer expectations have evolved considerably, to resonate this technological growth. Where people were content to wait hours and even days for products or inquiries, today they demand a much more immediate response and prefer businesses that deliver accordingly! While this may seem like an overwhelming task, it is one that is easily achieved with the help of conversational marketing.

What is Conversational Marketing?
Conversational marketing is a one-to-one marketing approach where companies connect with customers in real-time to understand their needs, troubleshoot their problems, personalize their journey and ultimately create a positive user experience.

It is a proactive inbound marketing strategy that focuses on smoothening the buyer’s journey through modern-day integrations like AI-powered chatbots and is vastly popular for boosting conversions, generating quality leads and nurturing customer relationships for businesses. Hubspot Marketing Hub, Drift and Intercom are some of the well-known software used in the field of conversational marketing.
Listed below are 3 incredible advantages of practicing conversational marketing

1. Personalized Customer Experiences –
The primary benefit of adopting this marketing strategy is that it connects to and engages with the customers to deliver personalized solutions, crafted specifically for their requirements! This involves greeting a new visitor on the website and offering assistance instantly as well as catering to the needs of the existing customer base efficiently, around the clock. For example, if a customer wants to check the delivery status of his order while traveling to work early in the morning, he should receive an immediate update. Additionally, if he has a query regarding his order at the end of this day, he should be able to receive a prompt response once again. Moreover, all this should be made possible without the customer having to reshare his order details since conversational marketing depends on maintaining an extensive record of a user’s previous conversations to offer a seamless experience. This helps the customers feel valued and strengthens their relationship with the company, thereby engendering brand loyalty in the long run.
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2. Facilitates Lead Generation and Quicker Conversions –
Naturally, delivering such personalized experiences for every customer facilitates lead generation significantly and results in quicker conversion cycles for the business. Furthermore, this is a highly cost-effective and lucrative strategy because it does not require businesses to invest heavily in customer support representatives. Conversational marketing is adept at handling the initial phase of interactions with a vast number of users independently and further shares only the qualified leads with the sales team for effective conversions! Research suggests that more than 45% of businesses today have already implemented bots as a part of their marketing efforts. Undoubtedly, early adopters of this form of marketing can achieve a competitive edge in their industry and reap exceptional benefits.

3. Access to Valuable Customer Insights –
Last but not the least, apart from creating positive customer experiences and building great meaningful relationships, it helps businesses gain valuable, first-hand insights from their customer base! The data collected can help businesses understand their customer interests and customer pain points in-depth, explore profitable cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, identify the gaps in their marketing strategies, forecast upcoming trends, etc ultimately assisting in making informed decisions for the growth of the company!
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