Do you own a small or medium scale business? Ever wonder what tools you should utilize to gain a competitive advantage in this digital landscape? Need help identifying those digital marketing tools? Well, you are in luck! We’ve curated a list of some of the top digital marketing tools every small and medium business should have for effective digital marketing. 


HubSpot: Want to grow your business? Need a comprehensive platform to do so? Well, HubSpot is your answer! HubSpot is the glue that holds your sales, marketing, and customer services teams together. It provides immense value to businesses by helping them attract, engage, and close potential customers. HubSpot offers a variety of amazing modules such as the HubSpot CRM, CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. This all in one marketing platform can help you with SEO, lead management, marketing automation, and analytics. If there’s only one digital marketing tool you want to try, then this is it!

MailChimp: If you receive emails or send them out, chances are you’ve heard of MailChimp. MailChimp provides businesses with an excellent way to automate marketing emails through its intuitive platform. You can use this excellent tool to reach out to your customers automatically. The platform even allows you to customize your email messaging to make it more personal and intimate – showing your customers that you care. Who doesn’t like a personalized message? We know we do! MailChimp also allows you to build, launch, and measure marketing campaigns across multiple channels – giving you an in-depth read of what your target audience is thinking. The best part is, this tool is FREE to use! Go ahead, give it a shot, and thank us later.

Google Analytics: Studying the behavior of your website visitors can provide key insights on what your target audience is thinking, and what they’re looking for. In-depth analytics can help shape your future digital marketing strategy. And you can get that for free. You’ll just need to set up Google Analytics. This amazing tool provides extremely valuable knowledge about your website’s visitors – their age, gender, interests, which device they use, their location, pages that attract traffic and so much more! Google Analytics can offer you a crazy amount of useful information through its intuitive dashboards that will help shape your business’ digital future for the better.

Grammarly: Ever cringe at a misspelled word or incorrect grammar on a business’s website or their digital marketing content? Spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar automatically degrade your business’ reputation. We know your business’ digital marketing content will never have a misspelled word or incorrect grammar if you use Grammarly. This is a unique tool that helps businesses like yours identify and rectify grammatical errors. The tool is like your own personal English teacher – helping you write impeccable emails, documents, and social media posts. You can set your content’s tone, its readability, how engaging it is, and even how the delivery of your writing is.

Canva: You don’t have to hire a full-time graphic designer to create beautiful, and engaging designs for your business. Canva offers a very intuitive drag and drop platform that will help you create breathtaking presentations, marketing brochures, pretty much anything and everything your business needs in terms of design. Canva has hundreds if not thousands of beautiful templates you can choose from. Or you can even create your design from scratch. You know what they say right? – a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Did your top digital marketing tools make this list? If not, let us know which ones are your favorites – after all even digital marketing experts like us can learn a thing or two 🙂


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