Whether you’ve just begun your foray into the retail landscape or have been around long enough to witness the transformation brought about by the digital era, it is most likely that your foremost objective is to get more customers and build your business. Despite the fact that starting and running a business has never been easier, customer acquisition only becomes harder and more expensive with each passing day. As a result, business owners are constantly on the lookout for new, improved and effective marketing strategies to attract customers.

However, customer acquisition is not the simple equation it once was. Today, it has grown into a multi-layered, dynamic process that needs a careful approach. Customers expect a personalized experience and a promise of quality from businesses. They depend on reviews, testimonials and endorsements coupled with product images and videos to streamline their journey! More often than not, operating on these multiple platforms becomes a necessity for business owners. This is an overwhelming task in itself and it is quite easy to find yourself lost. Listed below are the top digital marketing tips that are effective in attracting more customers to the business –

Offer Discounts To New Customers –
Offering discounts on the first purchase is one of the best ways to tactically acquire new customers for a business. Not only does it encourage new users to explore your website but also successfully convinces hot leads into shopping with you. An effective way to further incentivize discounts and promotions for the potential buyers is by adding a time limit to the offer, which often results in quicker conversions! Once the purchase is made, you can track their preferences to send them personalized deals and promotions in the future, in order to engender customer loyalty.

Run An Exciting Referral Program –
Attracting new customers to your business by way of word-of-mouth marketing, especially through satisfied customers can get you results like none other. Research suggests that people are 4 times more likely to buy something when referred by a friend! Be proactive in using this marketing strategy to your business’s advantage by introducing an exciting referral program wherein you can reward both – your existing customer base for spreading the word as well as the new customers for making a purchase in some way (eg: discount codes, freebies, etc). Apart from boosting revenue for your business, this practice will also make your existing customers feel valued and help you nurture your relationship with them.

Invest In Influencer Marketing –
With the stupendous growth of social media, influencers now possess an exceptional power to reach out to a wide range of people, attract and engage high-quality leads and ultimately drive targeted traffic to your website. Research indicates that about 49% of consumers today depend on influencer recommendations for their purchase decisions. As such, a powerful influencer outreach program can be a sure shot way to create brand awareness and boost sales for a business. To read an extensive guide on how to get started with influencer outreach, click here.

Collaborate With Other Businesses –
Yet another marketing strategy to effectively reach out to your target group is by collaborating with businesses catering to a similar target group but aren’t directly competitive to your business. For example, if yours is a sustainable clothing brand, you can collaborate with businesses that produce sustainable lifestyle products and offer a combo deal to your audience. This will prove to be a win-win strategy for both businesses as it will allow them to tap into each other’s clientele and target groups and mutually benefit from the increased reach.

Optimize Your Online Presence –
Lastly, the most obvious course of action taken by consumers when on the lookout for some product or service nowadays is to perform a quick search online to obtain a business’ basic information, customer reviews and website. For this reason, online presence management has become an integral aspect of a business’s growth and development. Hence, ensure that your Google My Business listing along with all other online listings are well updated, optimized with positive customer testimonials and integrated with links to your website.
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